Okay, which is easier? Sock with gusset or short row?

Deciding which video to order. Just wondering everyone’s preference when it comes to sock knitting.


I’m a die-hard heel flap knitter. :mrgreen:

Take a look at Silver’s Sock Class before you order a video though! It’s a fab tutorial…you might be able to spend your video $$ on sock yarn instead :thumbsup:

I am definetely a turner n not a flapper. Uses less yarn, takes up less time. Is good in my book all around.

With sock knitting it’s really all about how you like the fit… some don’t care for the way a short way feels or wears on their foot… while others don’t care for the heel flap and gusset… I find the short heel fits my heel well so that is usually what I use… I also think it goes faster :thumbsup: