Okay, trying it here

I posted this question in the knitting Qs forum, but recieved no reply so I thought I’d tap the brains here. I want to knit a log cabin blanket for my 5 yo granddaugther. She’s having a sibling in mid summer and I can just bet the amount of baby gifts going to the new one will cause some frowning. Her favorite color is…guess what? PINK, lol. I thought about using Sirdar’s Snowflake or Wendy/Peter Pan Velvet Touch for a one of the four colors-in pink of course. Would that look terrible with Brown Sheep’s cotton fleece for the other 3 yarns?

I looked at the yarns (online, of course) and it would seem to me that you would get a nice mix of colors and textures if you used all three.

Hope that’s what you needed to hear!


Susan, you are a dear, thank you. I was hoping it would be okay. She has “Soft” now. A blanket she has carried around forever, but it’s beginning to be forgotten now-much to her parents relief! I thought a nice grown up blanket for her bed would be a good big sister gift. But if it had some soft places in it she might be able to drift off to sleep a bit easier.

It’s taken me almost two years before I would call myself a knitter. Now I’m trying to teach myself the color wheel and textures. Shaky ground for me. Thanks again.

That sounds like a great idea! Just be sure that all of the yarns you choose have the same washing requirements - otherwise you’ll wind up with a rather puckered blanket.