Okay. Talk to the newb about yarn

I’ve found that they make practicing stockinette much more fun!

That’s funny. Lorna’s Laces doesn’t bother me but the Plymouth Baby Alpaca which was so soft when I was working with it is starting to itch a little now that I’m wearing it.

Yeah, I avoid ribbing if I can, or only do it for a few rows if I can’t. Seed st is the same - very tedious.


And then after that, a sewn bind-off. gloom

Just a note: the Caressa Bulky makes up really really fast, but I won’t be wearing it – it just feels kind of…oily to me. Everybody else likes it, though, so YMMV.

Knitter’s Review (In-Depth Yarn Reviews) is a website that I always check to get the lowdown on particular yarns. It doesn’t have EVERY YARN IN THE WORLD, but it has tons of yarn reviews. I really like their in-depth analysis! It’s kinda like the Consumer Reports of Yarn! Take a look!