Okay, one more question...>>>>

I bound off 2 stitches on the next four rows. It says to end with a RS row facing. Well, the next row to be stitched is a WS row.

Here’s the thing. I’m probably not going to wear this, I’m just trying to learn how to do sleeves and so forth. SO, should I go ahead and bind off on 1 more row so that I will end with the RS facing? (I mean, really, can it hurt? )

Thanks again,

They want you to BO 8 sts total, so no, don’t BO another 2. Besides, if you end with a RS row, then you should be doing a WS row next…

Like Sue said- when they say ‘end with’ they mean that should be the last row you knitted, not the next one to be knit. So ‘end with RS facing’ means the last row you knit is the RS.