Okay, next question

So I just wound my freshly-spun yarn (about an ounce of roving) into a skein, and while doing so I was all giddy and encouraged…it really looked less craptastic near the end when I felt more like I knew what I was doing. :thumbsup:

BUT, when I went to wash the skein I was all :shock: :shock: :shock: because it’s obviously, horribly, embarrassingly overspun. At least that’s what it looks like to me. It’s all curly all over the place…and I was thinking that the wash would relax it a bit…but that doesn’t appear to be the case. :shock:

I’m just not sure how I could spin it any less, KWIM? Any suggestions or words of wisdom??

Thanks :smiley:

My singles are always pretty overspun as well…although they are getting better. I will say that when you ply the singles, it takes a lot of the “kinkiness” out of it. Now since I can’t spindle to save my life…I have no idea how to ply on a single.

Also drying your singles with a weight (I use a filled spray water bottle and hang it on the yarn as it dries) will help pull “some” of the kinkiness but not all.

Thanks Vicki :smiley:

It looks a wee bit better this morning…still has that first-timer charm though :wink:

The good thing about handspun yarns, is that you can’t do it wrong. Overspun, underspun, thick, thin, thick/thin, lumpy… whatever. They’re ALL gorgeous.

When I want to use mine as a single ply, I run it back through my spinning wheel in the opposite direction. It takes the kink right out.

WHen youre spinning, instead of keeping it spinning right up until you wind it on, stop it and draft out a bit more fiber to get rid of some of the extra kink.