Okay.... Need help and need it FAST! Please!

Okay, here’s the deal. My family is adopting a special needs little boy (1 1/2 months) with bilateral schizophrenically. Our 100+ year old house (we are living here) is unfinished, upstairs completely gutted, ect. It all needs finished by the time the Social worker come to check us out. But we are running low on building supplies, and my dad took a pay cut. Day to day, we are fine. But when you suddenly throw in adoption fees, agency fees, homestudy fees, baby care fees, you can tell the money goes fast. I have exactly 7 days to knit a bunch of (NON copywrited… I wouldn’t sell something I wasn’t supposed to!) knitted/crochet crafts to sell. I need some really fast knits/crochets. Ideas??? I want it to look nice tho… Not real tacky stuff. That just gives knitting a bad name. :woot: Any one? Help?


Since you are from the state of Missouri, how about some toboggan hats? It does get very cold there. I have a very simple pattern that use worsted weight yarn & can be done in a day. Also, maybe some book marks or dishcloths? Just a few things that popped into my mind. Hope this helps.

I would also suggest hats as they are quick.

No offense, but why would someone make such a major step when they know they aren’t ready? It almost seems like putting the cart before the horse, but I’m sure there are thing of which I am unaware.

Cudos to your family for caring enough to make such a commitment.

No offense taken!!!

Well, we have some controversial beliefs, (and I won’t go into them for fear of starting another hot topic :slight_smile: ) and one of them is, even if it doesn’t make sense, go where God leads you. And we all know that this little boy has something to do with us, and we are going to play some sort of role in his finding a forever family, whether that be us or … ? God has a plan and it’s not up to me to question it. :slight_smile:

How about some knit or crochet fruit and veggies? Maybe you could sell it to a farmer with a farm stand or one who sells at farmer’s markets.

Reusable shopping bags. I’ve seen people carrying these mesh bags and I think they are crochet, but I’m not sure on that.

Wow, I can’t think of anything you could knit or crochet AND sell within 7 days, but I wish you luck.

On another note, I’m not sure what you mean by “bilateral schizophrenically.” I’m guessing you just got the exact terminology wrong and it’s some type of schizophrenia or that his parents have schizophrenia? Either way, I’ll say a prayer for your family and that sweet little baby. Will you post pictures when he arrives?

I think the doctors must have mixed up their terminology-- schizophrenia is diagnosed by observing symptoms, particularly speech and behavior, which 1.5 month olds don’t have; schiz. isn’t diagnosed any earlier than pre-school age. Also, bilateral schiz. is a controversial diagnosis, and it refers to what shows up on an MRI of the brain in a schiz. patient. But whatever the actual diagnosis, obviously this baby has some very severe problems, and it’s wonderful that you are pulled to taking care of him. Now, as for the knitting projects-- I’m thinking people would be most likely to buy hats, and they’re fairly quick to knit up. There are tons of free patterns for simple ones on www.knittingpatterncentral.com .

Depending on where you’re selling them, dishrags and coasters. Cheap and quick to make (not for me, because I’m still slow). Sell them both as sets and individually…and show them in their “natural habitat”…use them! I gave a dishrag to my massage therapist yesterday and she couldn’t believe you could use it! If you show how good a crocheted coaster sucks up the water (with a glass of ice water sitting on it), they should go well.

God bless your family for being faithful and trusting that God won’t hand you anything he isn’t going to help you with. Hugs and prayers going your way. :pray:

Actaully, it’s not scheizophrenia… If you look it up on Wiki or google it or whatever, you can find some info. Basically his brain has slits in it that didn’t bond togather like they were supposed to, and have filled with fluid. It sounds scarey, but honestly, we’ve had quite a bit of exprerience. We raised my cousin (now 3 1/2), and she had parts of her brain missing, and honestly you can’t tell. She has more logic skills than most adults. It’s pretty freaky, and especially irratating when you are trying to keep a secret from her. :roflhard:

Thanks everyone for the great ideas!!!

Oh-- you mean bilateral schizencephaly! Yes, that’s a whole other thing than schizophrenia, and as with your cousin, it is amazing what the certain parts of the brain can do to take over for other damaged parts. Very best thoughts for you and your family!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh that makes much more sense!

I’m in the medical field, and I knew there was a correct term for what she was saying and was wracking my brain trying to figure it out but couldn’t.

What a sweet little boy, having such a challenging issue to deal with so early in life. And so lucky to have such a loving family to take him in and love him.

Back to your original question, though, I still have no ideas. Does your family have a website that is set up to accept donations if people wanted to help out that way? I’m assuming you have a church that may be willing to help some? You can only sell so much knitting, and in such a short amount of time, I worry it won’t be much help. :frowning:

Back to your original question, though, I still have no ideas. Does your family have a website that is set up to accept donations if people wanted to help out that way? I’m assuming you have a church that may be willing to help some? You can only sell so much knitting, and in such a short amount of time, I worry it won’t be much help. :frowning:

Honestly, not right now. My dad is a web designer tho, and if we decide to do that, he could fix it fast. We just moved here, and haven’t found a body of like minded beleivers… So that nixes that question too.

I’ve already designed a market bag, almost finished that, going to make some coasters (modifying a pattern to fit my needs), finished 1 1/2 toys… I knit pretty fast, and tho I know I may not be a big help to my parents, I’m gonna trust God and know that He knows. I mean, I could talk for hours, explain things for hours, worry for hours… And the thing I always come back to, is “He knows.” And he does. I’m just trusting. :heart: :slight_smile:

WOW! :yay: :notworthy: :woohoo:

You ARE fast! Almost 2 toys done already? I could only dream of being that fast…maybe some day. What toys did you make? I’d love to see them. I’m hoping to try something fun like that sooner rather than later.:knitting:

I know that your family appreciates your efforts; every little bit helps but the love you show through your efforts means more than the $$ it brings. Keep up the good work.


Last fall, when I was just getting back into knitting and wasn’t very fast at it, I made neck scarves for my whole family. They went very fast, so fast that I had 11 extra that I wrapped up in clear celophane and ribbons, so people could see the colors, and got our local beauty shop to give them out to their elderly customers who could use an extra bit of warmth.

I used one skein of homespun yarn for each scarf and cast on 12 stitches with yarn from the center pull strand and the outside strand, so I was knitting with a double strand of yarn from the same skein on size US 19 needles. Boy did they go fast!

Knit every row (garter stitch) and just keep going 'til the skein is used up. The scarf will be just the right length and the homespun is incredibly warm. Beautiful, too. So they should bring some bucks!

Best of luck and thank you all for caring so much for one of God’s challenged children.

Ruthie :muah:

Great idea! Thanks Ruthie!

Thanks Pam! :heart:

We now have a website set up with updates and such. The website is www.calledtoadopt.110mb.com

Check it out please! Dad only has the first page up, but others are soon in following. (Mom and Dad’s pics aren’t up yet as we haven’t got a good family picture taken yet, and we all want to be k9tog there. :slight_smile:

Blessings on you and your family for taking on this awesome responsibility!

As for quick and easy projects, people have already mentioned hats and dishclothes, but how about ipod and cell phone covers? There are lots of free patterns on the Internet and some of them are very cute! And speaking of cute, baby booties, socks and hats are always popular and so very quick!

Good Luck!