Okay, here's my quandry

I ordered my swift today from Joanns with the 50% coupon. so that is on its way. i tried to use it again and them sneaky people told me no! :wink: soooo i was going to use my 40% coupon to get it a little cheaper than their sale price. well i decided to call a couple of my LYSs to see how much they sold theirs for. One was fully $10 more than Joann’s. So i called the other and they sell it for about $2 more than what it would be to have it shipped to me so my logic is saying to just go pick it up then there is no shipping hassle at all.

Now here is the issue…how the heck do i go into the LYS and buy the winder and nothing else? i have more yarn than i know what to do with right now as we all know…i am going yarn shopping in two weeks with my momma who seems h-e-double hockey sticks bent on financing a big yarn binge…hrmmm…mebbe i take cash and only enough to pay for the winder…yeah that may be the ticket…being weak sucks but i like it soooo much! :wink:

Yup! That’s the only way. I believe it’s one of the YA steps, too. :wink: Bring only enough cash for the baller, leave the cards at home. Save your soul.

Sounds like a plan! :thumbsup: Good luck!

Send someone else. That’s what I do. I’ll send DH, tell him just what I want, and he has NOOOO problem buying only that. LOL

Lucky gal. I can’t get anyone to go near a LYS with or without me… :frowning:

Update Brendajos? Were you able to just get the winder and nothing else?

lol…actually i was driving to the store…was even right in front…and decided to wait to get it until the swift was on its way (which it is today btw…will be here tomorrow!) :wink:

Such restraint!! Admirable! :lol:

You don’t need no stinkin’ rehab… :thumbsup:

see but here’s the deal…if i had gone INTO the store i can’t guarantee what would have happened! :wink:

One step at a time, one step at a time. :wink:

ssssssssooooooooooo guess what…

yup i went to the store and got my ball winder. i looked around pretty thoroughly too. asked about a few patterns that i wanted that they didn’t have, looked some more at stuff on sale, brand spanky new stuff, stuff that was too yummy to not be touched…and left with nuthin’ but the ball winder! ANNNNNNND i didn’t bring only enough for the winder either…lol

umm…but i did go to my favorite LYS immediately thereafter and buy from them :roflhard: BUT it was only for a skein of yarn i needed for a project i am currently working on and two of the patterns that i was looking for! i was sooo well behaved i should get to go shopping for more!

so guess whose mommy is taking her shopping next weekend… :happydance:

Good girl! We’re all so proud! So how many balls have you wound up so far? :wink:

lol…actually just two. I have some that i want to wind but the hanks are such a mess i don’t think i can deal. they have so many ties holding them together it is hard to find the beginning. one of them ended up in such a knot i had to walk away from it. the perdy lorna’s laces balled up veddy veddy nice

(i only really used it a few minutes ago because of the previously mentioned ugly hanks… :rollseyes: i walked away with half of it still sitting on the swift)

You’ll get the hank of it! :rofling:

okay you get no dessert tonight! :doh:

:pray: :pray: Please! I’ll be good. I promise! :smiley:

ugh, would it be askein too much for an end to the puns?? :roflhard:

[size=2]Ah, who am I kidding, I live for this stuff[/size]

:roflhard: :roflhard: 'Swift pleasure!