Okay For A First Wheel?

I found this wheel at an antique shop and I was wondering if it would be okay for a first wheel. I want to get my hands on one to see if I even like using a wheel (I already do spindling). Its pretty small (which is ok for me. You can see their cat behind the wheel for size) and the shop owner wants $100 for it. She also thinks its a yarn winder, lol. Its in good shape and I don’t think its terribly old. It has all the pieces and everything moves smoothly. Maybe I just answered my own question but I want to see what the more experienced “wheelers” have to say.

Thanks in advance.

From what I can see of it, it looks like it could be a working wheel.

I’d like to get a better view of the flyer/bobbin/orifice.

I’ve never seen anything like that contraption on top, but yes, it could be used to skein the yarn after it is spun.

The bobbin is very, very small and wouldn’t hold much yarn. I’m not seeing any hooks on the flyer and am wondering if there is an orifice.

I’d give $75 for it since I would have to find additional bobbins

Thanks for your reply! Yeah, there is a flyer hook but just one. The bobbin is pretty stinkin’ small length wise but its kind of wide and there is an orifice. I’m not sure what the things sticking up on top are. Maybe it [I]is[/I] to skein the yarn. That would be neat. I do know they hold the bobbin and flyer on by little leather strips (which is what is in such good condition and that surprised me). I took it apart and checked it out. I would get more pictures of it but we are all snowed in here :frowning:

Here’s a close picture with some labels. Maybe it’ll be better to see.

It may be some fancy-smancy wheel, but it isn’t one that was mass produced. Offer them $50 and work up to $75 for a working wheel. You’ll have to spend more $$ for bobbins and to put hooks in it. Does that orifice go all the way through the other side of the leather?? If not, it’s useless.

It may be worth $100 for a conversation piece, but for a working wheel, it’s not worth more than $50-$75.

Ok, that sounds like a good idea. And the orifice does go all the way through. I guess for a “trial” this wheel wouldn’t be too bad. Thanks for your help.