Okay Fiber Girls.... Yarn Substituting

Lassa Grossa has a yarn called “New Cotton” which is a cotton/microfibre blend. Actually there are quite a few blends of microfibre and other fibres. I really like the microfibre, the texture, flexibility and softness it gives to a garment. But I also like the idea of it being blended with something natural. ANYWAY! Does anyone know of a more affordable line of yarns that has the microfibre in it?

Knitpicks’ Shine…its DK weight.

I’m totally screwed anyway, because it turns out my main yarn is suppossed to be Carmella or Caramella or whatever. And it is $15 a skein, give or take. The New Cotton is just for some extra stuff in the pattern. OY! It’s going to be hard to find a good substitute for the Caramella.

Did you ever find a substitute for the Caramella? I have a pattern that calls for it and it is discontinued.

Have you gone to Yarn Market or Yarn.com to use their search to see what’s available in a bulky cotton blend? Maybe you could find a good substitute that way.