Okay, everybody take a deep breath!

I was feeling so confident, and sure of my lace pattern that I mentioned struggling with some time ago. I got about 9 inches into it.

Then I looked at it and realized that about 2 inches ago, I must have repeated a row, because 2 inches of pattern is reversed (wrong side on the right side :() Of course, it’s below my last lifeline!!!

So I tried putting in a lifeline about a week ago, but it was crooked, going from row to row. I finally put the whole thing away for about a week.

Today, I got it back and out spent quite a while putting in a lifeline and figuring out which pattern row it was.

Now, it’s in and I’m about to frog…breathing deeply now…


Good Luck. You can do it.

Breathe evenly and take it one stitch at a time. When I was knitting the last baby blanket I noticed I had mad a big mistake and had frog back over 300 stitches for 4 rows back. I did it one stitch at a time and reached my mistake, corrected it and started reknitting the rows I had just frogged.And I didn’t have a lifeline when I did that. Next time I will use a life line believe me.

Oh no! I’m probably too late but here is an excellent-superb-wonderful guide to frogging lace without a lifeline.

buy (if you don’t own) a fine (size 1 or 2, or maybe even a size 0 circ. (40 inches long is a good size)

use the circ tip–and weave it into each stitch. (over 1 thread, under 1 thread)

use good light, and do it when you are not too tired.

then frog.

chances are you didn’t knit on size 1 or 0 --but on a larger needle

the size 1 is not much bigger than a tapestry needle, and once you’ve picked up the stitches and frogged, you can knit off the size 1 needle. (stitch size is governed by the size of the needle you knit ON to, (not off of) )

(a size 1/40 inch circ is also useful for magic loop socks or other stuff, (and should you decide at some point you don’t need or want it, its an easy item to swap/sell…)