OK would this look dumb?

I have been working on “Vermont #134” for several months (slow). I have gottten the first 13" of the back and front; and now I’m doing the sleeves. I took it to the Twisted yarns shop and she said that the sleeves would be way to big; they measured 24", so I went down to the size 5 needle.

here goes I have the font and back( up to 13") in size 7 needles and I took it off the needles, it fits???

but she said to make the sleeves on a size 5 needle, so I have, and they will be a little snug, me is 17" around the arms and my knitted sleeve is 15" just laid out on the table.

I am slow but I have a lot more time than I do money.

so would somebody please tell me the right thing to do?

so confussed

Okay, so the back & front knit on the 7s fit, right?

If your body measurement is 17" around the arm & the sleeves measure 15", they will be too small. Unless it is ribbed fabric designed to stretch or has a lace panel that needs to be stretched. You need 1-2" of ease for the arms. Which means the actual sleeve should be 18-19" across.

Are these a long sleeves where you started at the cuff & worked your way up? And did you follow the pattern directions with the exception of dropping the needle size to a #5? If so, you can rip out the sleeve until you reach the point where it is too snug. Then resume knitting on a size #6 (which will make it larger.) After a few inches, go up again to a size #7 needle.

yes I am working from the bottem - up. I think I had better just re-do the sleeves.

learning lesson “measure self” before knitting, quite simple,
thank you bunches.


Most pattern have a line diagram of the actually measurement of the pieces (knitted up in the gauge called for.) I get a better fit when I use those to choose a size then just going by sm/med/lg. Likewise, if you are larger or smaller than the “mythical” standard woman, you can adjust to get a better fit this way. What matters most, is that you get an end result that fits & flatters you.

What I don’t get is how the LYS people determined the sleeves would be too big. Did they measure the gauge wrong or something?

Yeah Sue, that crossed my mind too. Maybe she got bad directions to start with. Especially if they had her drop 2 needles sizes & now her sleeve width is off by 3-4".

But it is still good to know how to fix the problem.