Ok.... what the heck am i doing wrong?

Hello… After frogging my dishcloth pattern again on Wednesday, i decided to take a look at other patterns. I’m strongly considering finally making a scarf, and found this really neat pattern… but that’s me getting off topic.

Anywho, I found and posted this pattern a few days ago on this site. Well, long story short, my kids have been with my in-laws for about 2 weeks and they will be coming home next weekend (YEA!!!). As I was considering various patterns, I decided that making a couple smaller versions of this necklace would be a great gifts for my kids. I have the yarn (it matches some ponchos my wife crocheted for them a while ago). And I did a Continental Cast On - left plenty of tail (per the pattern). Then, I looked at a knitting book I have, to make sure I remembered how to Bind Off correctly, and started Binding Off.

Here’s the problem: It’s not binding off into a row. It’s creating a ball… which is NOT what its supposed to be doing. So I frogged it, tried it again with the same results. So I thought maybe the BO was different for continental knitting… and checked Amy’s BO video… as far as I can tell I’m doing the BO correctly.

Any clues why it’s turning into a ball instead of a nice row?

Literally, the pattern is Cast On 20, Bind Off… repeat for each link. Then tie the links together (triple knot the tails and trim), and viola… a necklace.

This is not a rocket science pattern but something isn’t working right… and I’m appealing to the greater knitting minds to explain this to me.


When you say it is turning into a ball, I don’t really know what you mean. Can you explain further?

Given the info, my only guess is that you’re binding off too tightly. Have you tried using a larger needle to bind off with?

Are you knitting two stitches first, then slipping the first stitch you knit over the second one your knit? Then knit another stitch and slip the st on the needle over that one, etc., etc.

I guess another way of putting it is: ~ instead of it laying out in a line, (keep in mind this is supposed to be essentially a very thin link… almost like when you create paper chain links), its almost like when I bind it off, it all combines into a big knot. Hence the term “ball”. It’s not laying out like any bind off Ive ever done.

Yep. I knit the first stitch, then knit a second stitch and pull the first stitch over, then I knit another stitch and pull the second stitch over the third… so that I never have more than 2 stitches on the right needle.

I figure I gotta be doing something wrong because I’ve never had a bind off do this before.

I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong, since you obviously know how to bind off. It probably has something to do with the yarn. I wonder if you just wet block them and stretch them out if that’ll help?

how many stitches are you binding off? it is possible that they may look like they are binding off on top of each other if you are using a really tight bind off, small needles, and thin yarn…and since it looks like there are very few stitches for each link i would think the combination would create a perfect trifecta of bind-off madness. i would try using the bigger needles to see if that makes a difference…

Guess what. I think it’s supposed to start out looking that way. I just tried it. I cast on ten, kind of loosely, then I turned it around and started binding off. After the first couple of stitches came off the needle, it formed a little blob underneath the right needle. As you keep going, it gets longer and longer.

Have you tried just going all the way down the row with it?

Ok… update time.

Yesterday was another learning day for me. I’ve been doing cast on’s since April… and as many times as I’ve frogged projects and started over you’d think i wouldve gotten them right by now… :roflhard:

Basically, I had 3 things going wrong…

1 I was casting on too tight.

2 Somehow the CastOn tail got mixed up in one of my attempts.

3 No, I wasn’t going far enough. I did manage to get through one of the links… it looks like total dog crap, so I won’t use it for the necklace but even so, I got an excellent pointer regarding CO from Denise (foldedbird) when I showed her what I was doing yesterday (on webcam).