OK took new picture lol

I figured why not…I took new picture of baby dress …where i am on it now. I will be done with it next week …IF I don’t have anything to do this weekend I will have it done this weekend…here is the picture!
Vanessa :XX:

[size=6][color=blue]sssoooo beautiful! [/color][/size]

Too bad you’re so sick of the lace pattern…it’s really beautiful!


That is so pretty! Is it for a baptism, or just because??? Just gorgeous!

Ok The dress was supose to be a bring baby home in dress lol and for some reason it is way to big! I did everything correct the swatch looked good…so kinda mad at the stupid thing lol. It will be I HOPE Easter dress lol …I am going to make the bonnet and shoes/booties to go with it so it better fit her …or i will make it fit hee hee hee .
Vanessa :roflhard: