Ok, this isn't funny!

Whomever commissioned it to snow here had better hide! :teehee: I went all winter without anything but one little spit of snow a couple months back and then this started around 3 pm yesterday. I think we got around 6 inches. Thank goodness it is going to warm up today and tomorrow and it will all melt. I moved south for a reason, ya know! :roflhard: (oh and that is the container of deicer for the deck I told dh to bring up close to the house in case the rain we were supposed to have might get icy because the temps were supposed to drop, year right!)

:pout: I dint do it! :roll: :shrug: :mrgreen:

:rofl: I wish it was me… the pictures are from yesterday…it took my dh 3 hrs to get home…last night we had ice, then thunderstorms, then changed back to ice, then we had more snow…I went out and measured from my porch and it has 10" I have no idea what the yard has yet…it’s still coming down…I hope it ends soon :blooby:

We have had almost 6 feet of snow this winter and it is by no means over … we have had blizzards in June before …

Sorry but no sympathy from the frozen Tundra …

We got a couple of inches of snow on Monday. Then, it warmed up to the mid 60’s by Thursday. And by Thursday evening, we had nine inches of snow on the ground. And today it is supposed to be near 60 again! I wish the weather would just pick a season and go with it!

How gorgeous is that? These photos are wonderful! We don’t get pretty snows like this and seldom get any at all…just slush when it does snow and only about 1/2".

:wall: We’re going to have another 30 cm here this weekend. Uggh. We didn’t need that. The city’s budget for snow removal is all spent, and there’s no more space to dump the snow. :shrug: The city is a bit chaotic right now, Monday is going to be a total nightmare! :doh:

This being said, I can’t really complain too much. I work from home most of the time, so I don’t need to get out of the house much. And since I live in an apartment building and I don’t have a car, I don’t have any shoveling to do. :happydance: Not to mention that there are worst places than Montreal… Quebec city received more than 13 feet of snow this Winter. :shock: And they will receive a lot more! :doh:

It is pretty!! Once dh was home safe I could enjoy it more…this part of OH we don’t see much snow…usually mom in WV has more…but this year I guess it’s making up for it and we just haven’t seen the ground that much at all…so basically it’s just me dealing with cabin fever…:rofl:

Aren’t you in Cincy? I have an older sister there…Virginia(Ginger), principal at Aiken University High.

Sorry you guys are having such crappy weather, but I’m happy that for once, it’s not Wisconsin.

That is why I live in Florida.

I lived two years in the cold and that was enough for me.

I like it hot, hot, hot!!!

AH HAH!!! So You’re the one hoggin ALL the snow huh? Dangnabit!!! :whistle:

It’s pretty, when it’s not mine! Sheboygan, WI has had about 80 inches of snow this year. 41 inches is more the usual, for a winter! I’m so sick of looking at snowbanks! We had 35 inches of snow, in the first 18 days of February, alone! Yikes! The side streets were HORRIBLE! It finally stopped snowing and warmed up a little bit, so they are better now.

Our neighbor has been really helpful, helping us chop the packed-down snow and ice, so our driveway is clear now, too.

Knitternut, HOT weather about kills me. Even with the snow, I like Wisconsin. Although, the sooner spring gets here, the happier I will be, this year.

I love to see pictures of snow. It looks just beautiful. But, I am just not a cold person. Which is funny that my son is hockey player and I spend many hours bundled up in ice rinks.

My kids have yet to see snow and they don’t really know what cold weather is.

Update: It is in the 60’s today and every bit of the snow is gone gone gone. We should be near 70 by midweek so any of you who snuck the snow into Memphis are now forgiven. We did see lots of accidents yesterday though and the roads were pretty much just wet. People just will not slow down here. One guy took a header off the interstate into a deep culvert. Must have been a real corker to get his SUV out of that. I feel for the towing guy.

I agree, this is [B]NOT[/B] funny anymore! I shovelled twice yesterday and DH had to shovel again this morning. I gave up on counting the amount of hours in the last two days that I have had a shovel in my hands. That’s two foot of snow sitting on top of my car, and DH standing beside it to give you an idea of how tall that drift was. The drift beside my car was after we had shovelled behind the car. I’ll do that shovelling tomorrow before I need the car to go out on Tuesday. I want spring and I want it [B]NOW[/B]!!!

The.Knitter, why are your windshield wipers up? Is it to keep them from freezing to the windshield. After this winter ours are a mess, due to chipping and scraping and them getting all full of ice and snow.
Your car looks more like a tobaggon hill.:noway:

My DH is a professional driver. He told me to do that when snow was expected in order to save them from cracking and chipping when you scrape your windshield. I have all the cars around the neighbourhood doing it now! Give it a try, if nothing else it will save you from having to peel them off the windshield when you scrape.

Good one, tobbogan hill… I never thought of that. By time I was finished shovelling I was too cold and sore to think of playing in this nasty white stuff.

My brother (and other assorted family) lives in North Central Texas (Irving for him) and he sent an email out last week on Thursday with pics of all the snow they got. It was apparently a dumping of more than 10 inches.

I live in Northern Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati and Friday snow started coming down as I was leaving work around 7.30 a.m. We were driving to Louisville to fly to Texas while it was still coming down, there was about 4 inches on the ground at that time. My MIL called us on Sunday to let us know 15 inches fell in Florence, KY.

Summary: We missed all but the first half foot here in KY and our plane was only delayed about an hour. By the time we got to Texas, everything they got was melted away, it was sunny and sixties. We totally lucked out and avoided all the headaches on both ends of the trip!
That being said, I’m so very ready for real spring. Please, let the big guy know we ordered some spring weeks ago!