Ok, so I'm dying to make myself a sweater...re: seaming, finishing?

I am TERRIFIED of having to seam/finish/put it together.

I LOVE this sweater http://www.interweaveknits.com/galleries/bonus/fall2007/gaughan.asp

that is on the cover of the fall Interweave Knits. LOVE it. NEED to make it. But am so afraid of the finishing process…

How hard is it? Honestly.

Hi Btandy

Wow that pattern is sooooo nice you just have to knit it.
Believe me it isn’t that hard once you get started and don’t forget you will only be doing one thing at a time…First the knitting …Then the sewing together and finishing… then admiring what you have created… Plus there will be lots of people on this site willing to give you a bit of guidence should you need it… Good Luck

Thanks Pauline!! And if I get KP yarn, it will only cost about $22.00 to make too!!

Beautiful sweater! It’s not that hard, in fact it’s fun once you learn how. If you get a chance get someone to teach you the basics one or one, or take a class at a LYS. If you can’t do either of these there are a lot of good things on the net. KH has some good videos that will be helpful. Here is a link to a whole online book about knitting. This page is thetable of contents and you can check out various chapters that you can learn from on this topic.

Happy knitting…and finishing!