Ok, So I can't read-- Maybe you can!

Good Evening:

My pattern (Sublime yarn) is saying funny things–I would sure appreciate your input.

“NEXT ROW. K2,p1,K8, p1, k2
Work 16 rows decreasing 1 st as before in 5th and following 6th row. you will now have 12 sts on the needle.
Work 6 rows decreasing 1 st as before in 1st and following 4th row. you will now have 10 sts on the needle.”

My concerns are these:

  1. When it says “NEXT ROW k2,p1,k8,p1,k2” Is this the first of the next 16 rows, OR is this row #1 and then there should be 16 MORE rows?

  2. When it says work 6 rows decreasing. . . IS this the last 6 rows of the first 16? Or do these 6 rows come after the remaining 10 rows (rows after the decreases in row 5 and 6)?

  3. When it says “decreasing 1st as before in 5th and FOLLOWING 6th row”. Does this mean row #5 and row # 6, or does this mean first decrease in row #5 and then another decrease 6 rows later?

Thanks for your help!:muah:

These are what I think, but I’m in no way an expert

  1. There will be 16 MORE rows

  2. The 6 rows decreasing will come AFTER the 16 rows

  3. You will decrease in row #5, and then again in row #11, 6th row after

Wheew! Thank you. That is the way I see it also. I am going to give this a try and see how it turns out. My stitching is usually right on tension, so I don’t have much trouble with that–but, these instructions were a little “off pitch” to my ear!