Ok round IV Front Right Panel of Cardigan/reverse shaping

So far I have conquered the back panel of my first cardigan, as well as the left front panel of the cardigan (with all of your help, thank you all soooo much), but now I have to do the right side and all it says is "work to correspond to left side (the baby’s left), reversing armhole, front neck, and shoulders shaping. I am not quite sure how to reverse the pattern as I am a right hand knitter (tho I write with my left hand, oh the irony!) Here is the Pattern for the left panel (my left, the baby’s right):

Beg Springtime Pattern

Note when changing colors, twist yarn tog on WS to prevent holes.

*Row 1 (RS): With Yarn B, k6 for border, with Yarn A, k1 (5,1), work row 1 of pat 1 (1,2) times, k to end.

Row 2: With Yarn A, p to last 6 sts, with Yarn B, k to end.

Rep from * 11 (13,15) times in all.

The armhole and neck/shoulder shaping is basically a variation on these instructions. I believe if you can instruct me on how to reverse the above directions I will understand what to do with the rest.
Thank you again for any advice you can give.

Reverse the shaping means put it at the other edge of the piece from where you did them on the first one, not knit backwards. So if the first piece had you do BOs and decs at the beg of RS rows, you would do them at the end of the rows (except the BO would be at the beg of the WS row).

For Row 1, use Yarn B to k6 at the end of the row instead of at the beg, and it’ll be at the beg of the row on Row 2.