Ok round 3 for this pattern

As you can probably tell by now I am not an experienced knitter, but I am very determined to finish this cardigan before my baby gets here (in May!) ok so the pattern is a wee bit confusing again. I have finished the back up until I need to start the shoulders and neck. I have 39 sts on the needle. Here is what the pattern says

Row 1: (RS) Bind off 5 (7,9) for [B]RIGHT[/B] shoulder, k7 (9,13) bind off center 13 (15,17) sts for neck, k to end

Work each side of neck and shoulder separately.

Place rem 8 (10,14) sts for [B]RIGHT[/B] shoulder on a holder.

The last instruction is what is confusing me, it says in row 1 to knit until end, so what remaining 8 sts are they talking about?

Also when they say right or left are they talking about the babies right and left? or RS viewing of the garment?

Also by working separately are they saying I will have to cut yarn and rejoin per shoulder?

The instructions next say

Row 2 (WS): Bind off 5 (7,9) for shoulder, p to end

Row 3: K across

Row 4: Bind off 4 (6,8) for shoulder, p to end.

Row 5: Bind off rem stitches

Row 2 (WS): Purl

Row 3 (RS): Bind off 4 (6,8) for shoulder, k to end

Row 4: Bind off rem sts.

This would end the back of the cardigan completely (except for edging at the bottom and of course connecting it to the rest of the garment).

I tried to think of how I would still have 8 sts, but have been unable to come up with any plausible circumstance, but again as I stated above I am a new knitter and this is an intermediate project, but I am more than game to keep going. Any help would be appreciated!

Okay, you have been working in one piece. Now you have reached the neck. So you have a RIGHT back & LEFT back. You can only work one side at a time. Or at least most patterns are written so you work the one side to the shoulder. Then go back & work the other one.

Instructions-Row 1: (RS) Bind off 5 (7,9) for RIGHT shoulder, k7 (9,13) bind off center 13 (15,17) sts for neck, k to end

Work each side of neck and shoulder separately.

Place rem 8 (10,14) sts for RIGHT shoulder on a holder.

So you-
Bind off, k7 (right)
Bind off (neck edge)
Rest of the knits are for left side.

You will be working the left side first. So you need to put the unworked stitches from the right side onto a holder.
7knits plus the one remaining after working the bind off=8stitches.

Right side is the right hand side as you are looking at the work. Which is also the right hand side of the baby when worn.

Yes, you will need to attach a new yarn end to work the other side (later after you finish this side.)

Shoulder shaping-

As a visual reminder the shoulders (when viewed from the outside/public side/right side) should be shaped like this /U
The lower parts toward the arms & higher toward the neck.

On the Left shoulder, you purl bind off, then purl to the end (row 2). Flip to RS & knit across (row 3). Flip to purl (WS) & bind off in purl (row 4). Flip to RS & bind off rest in knits (row 5).

Right shoulder is shaped the same way. Except it slopes in the opposite direction.

This makes a stair step edge. There are other ways to do a shoulder like short row wrap & turn. But for now, just do it this way.

FYI-If you tell me the size, I can plug in the correct number of stitches.
Also, if this is the openwork panel from the other day, I think it is lovely. And you are doing a great job.