Ok people.....is anyone out there in NY, Fingerlakes area?

I’m so thinking that I’m the only one on here. Wendy

I was just there last week visiting my parents! :shrug:

There have to be people from there on the boards - they have some great little shops in that region!

Not in your area…but just wanted to say how adorable all your pups are!

I’m in ITHACA :cheering::cheering::cheering:

where are your parents from??

hey ginny have you heard of campbell ny? I’m like 5 min from corning…

They live on Conesus lake, year round. They’ve been there since 2000 and just love it. We LOVE visiting there - it is SUCH a beautiful place!

I think so, I think I have had patients from there.

Have you ever been to the LYS in Watkins Glen? Finger Lake Fibers (I think) is the name. They have LOVELY yarn.

thankyou arielluria, that is peppito and sugar (sugar is the white one) they are my 3 year old babies… I got 2 more chihuahuas from puppy find coincidently enough lol. one from texas and one from oklahoma… :slight_smile:

Lol WAtkins Glen was my home for the first 17 years of my life… :slight_smile: It is beautiful. I cannot seem to catch the shop open… but it is definately on my to do list. I have been to a great little knit shop in ithica though, I am terrible with names or I would tell you what it is named. It is at the triphammer mall I believe.

Knitting Etc!!

It’s a great shop. My clinic is about 1/4 mile away which makes it TOO CLOSE but luckily DH and I car pool to work (he works at Cornell University) so I don’t often have a car at lunch time, otherwise I’d be broke!!!

gosh I think conesious lake is like an hour from me… your pup is beautiful.

That is soooo cool!! I absolutely love that shop and I LOVE that huge craft store too!!! SOO YUMMY!!! LOL.

i’m stuck out here in Gloversville, about 15 minutes away from the Sacandaga Lake.

I’m in Alfred.

Wow your right in the center of ny arent ya?? :slight_smile: any good knitting shops there?? LIttlehuskies???

How about alfred?? Is there any good knitting shops there??? I think I have been through there and I don’t remember how big it is…I don’t believe I had my knitting addiction then either though too!!! :slight_smile:

we have walmart and joann’s… there’s a new yarn shop in Fort Plain (30 minutes away) that I plan on checking out soon…

Alfred’s unofficial slogan is: If You Missed It, The Stoplight Was Green.:teehee:

However, we DO have a yarn store!!!:happydance:

Alfred Knitting Studio is in Alfred Station on Main St/Rte 244. Across from The Bicycle Man. They’re open Tue/Thur from 12-8
Wed 12-5, Fri 10-4, Sat 10-5.

Lynne and Frank are the owners, they’re fabulous.

I teach classes there.

There is also a yarn store in Wayland called Pollywogs, but I’ve heard mixed reviews about them.

And there is a combination quilt/yarn store on main in Corning. They have a cool little shop, with reeeeaaally affordable laceweight yarn. They don’t have space to sit and knit, though. (Alfred’s does.)