OK now someone has to of had this problem with Felting?

I have two of these:

cute little clutch purses that I have felted once and am not happy with the ruffle, as it did not felt as small as I had hoped, but I am afraid to felt again, due to the fact that the actual clutch part is just perfect and if it felts more than I really will be screwed.

Please help?

Well , since I did not get any other advise, and it was not going to work with it the way it was I have another question.
Can I refelt just holding it in the washing machine with the ruffle and flap stuck in the water, will that help at all??

:shrug: I’m not sure there is anything you can do…if you put it into the wash again, the clutch part is likely to get smaller. The only thing I can think of is to maybe try to felt the ruffle part in a sink by agitating just the ruffle. I haven’t had much success felting things “by hand” though.

that is what I was afraid of, however you never know if you do not ask, so I am going to leave it out there a day or two and see if just maybe some one has an idea.

I am open to any and all.