Ok, next question

Shaping the back neck:

K28 (done)
turn, BO 6 (done)
p to end (done)
K 1 row (done, I assume they mean on the remaining 22 stitches)
slip rem 22 sts to a holder (done)

Here’s where I get stuck:

Rejoin yarn and BO the center 14 sts, K to end. P 1 row. BO 6 sts, K to end. Slip sts to holder.

The working yarn is on the holder. What does it mean by “rejoin the yarn” in this case? Do I break the yarn off of the 22 stitches that are on the holder?

And, when the back is done, will I have one piece with two stitch holders because the center is all bound off? (probably - looks like I need another stitch holder!) My LYS warned me about getting into a project and needing more notions!



im new to the forum and do not know how to start my own post so im asking for help in this one.
I am doing a silk bolero and am about to shape the neck but it tells me to work 2 tog. is that the same as k2tog or something totally different! please help

You’re done with the one side, so you can cut that yarn, leaving a tail to weave in later, and start your bind offs with the ball you’re using. Just start binding off with the yarn–the stitches will be secure in the bind off.

You don’t have to have a stitch holder–you can thread a piece of yarn through the stitches to hold them.

Got it!! I thought I was dead in the water for the night. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!