OK.......it's official

I have definately crossed over the line. I go on vacation, 2000 miles away from home and what do you think I am scouting?? Yarn stores!! I spy one. I HIKE…UPHILL 10 blocks just to get there. Why you ask. Well, because DH and kids wanted to play at the beach and being in Carmel you have to get primo parking spots early so dropping me off was not an option cuz it would have taken up a few precious seconds of thier parking hunt!! So, needless to say, by the time I get to said yarn store, I am nearly dead.

The store is utterly charming by the way. It’s called Knitting by the Sea and I think its is adorable and it’s owner is super friendly and helpful. She had a fabulous, eye popping variety of yarns in there.

Did I buy yarn you ask. Heh! Did I buy yarn! I could NOT decide what not to buy she has so much stuff in there. You name it, she has it. I could have done some serious major heart stopping damage to my bank account in there. But…I was good. I was semi-restrained. Least ways that is what I am telling myself. And my DH.

I bought two skeins of sock yarn for the day that I once again pick up the sticks of terror and go at Silver’s sock pattern. I got that pretty self striping stuff.

I also got some wool. I am a felting fool right now. I have the FT pattern for the clogs so I knew I wanted some nice yarn for it. I picked enough yarn to make 2 pairs. Now, when I get to them, I’ll be calling on ya Twig!

Oh, and I picked up the cutest little wool sheep measuring tape. He is just too cute. Pull his tail to get the tape out and squeeze his belly to retract it.

All this I haul home and guard like a rabid dog until I can get it on my precious needles!

I am SOOO glad that I’m not the only one!! I spent the other night online looking for yarn shops near the Outer Banks, actually found a few too, but I"m not sure I’m going to make it to them! But I am bringing much of my stash down to Hatteras with me so that I can be a knitting fool! Maybe I’ll be lucky and stumble across a yarn shop somewhere nearby…

We would all be a little worried about any KH member who DIDNT go on an LYS hunt while they were on vacation! I checked for them in COSTA RICA, even! (There wasnt a single one to be found :frowning: )

I can identify. My dh and I hope to leave sometime in September for a treck up I-35, from Texas, up to where it ends in Duluth, MN. I have an online good friend there that I’ve known for about 7 years now, and am finally going to meet her family in person.

My dh is trying to figure out what good campgrounds are along the way for our travel trailer. Me, I’m going to be trying to figure out what good yarn shops are along the way! Being a new knitter this year, this is a first for me, too. :mrgreen:

i’m sorry lisa… i don’t remember you! :wink: :smiley:

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the sticks of terror


well of course you had to look! I spent quite a bit of time in Florence, Italy looking for a specific yarn store that I had read about online. I don’t see anything wrong with that :slight_smile: Besides, it sounds like you got some exercise to boot, so an outstanding trip overall!

as soon as I finished reading that part I knew it must be in Carmel!!! :cheering:

I have not been to Knitting By The Sea yet - but have been to Carmel many times. I know… wtf is wrong with me!!! last time was about a month ago, and I was too tired and feet too sore to find the store! argh. besides, I couldn’t really spend any yarn money that weekend :crying:. I’ve read plenty about that place and heard lots of great reports about the store. Carmel is so awesome… it would be worth the day trip (about 1 - 1.5 hours each way) for me to go to Knitting By The Sea. hmmm.

glad you had fun on your vacation! isn’t that lil corner (Monterey area) of the left coast just so sweet? :smiley:

why thank you! :thumbsup: jodi you’re awesome too!

why thank you! :thumbsup: jodi you’re awesome too![/quote]

aww! thanks! :heart: :lol: :heart:

Well welcome to the club Lisa! {{{{{{{{LISA}}}}}}}}} I hope you’re still making soap though. (I haven’t made any for the good part of this year.) :oops:

I have that tape measure too… it’s so cute! :heart:

I looked in Florence for a yarn shop, but couldn’t find one, could it be that the florence I went to was in Oregon, and not Italy? hmmm :thinking:

EXACTLY!! One MUST search for the LYS in cities and towns along the way to said vacation destination, too…it’s a must! When Lonnie & I went to Charleston earlier this month for his bday we found the cutest shop where he bought all of the SWTC Phoenix yarn that they had for me (only 5 skeins…but this stuff is toooooo yummy, may be a new obsession!) @ 1/2 price bc they were moving to a new location…we don’t find such things unless we investigate while on vacation! It’s so much fun to see what different LYS carry, how do they compare to mine @ home, etc…it’s just FUN to go in and look, and, of course, another MUST is that we have to buy something…it does NOT have to be a large haul, it can be a couple of skeins of a cool fiber that you’ve never seen…ANYTHING!!
Vacation-looking for LYS :wink:

Yarn’s sure better than a lousy t-shirt!! :wink:

Hay, thank YOU, I think ur purdy awesome too Carmell-with-two-l’s

Jodie Hay :happydance:

As far as scoping out LYS’ on vacation… so much more fun! Besides, there’s only one Graceland and far too many people on that pilgrimmage. So, why not become one with all the KH folks by going to a LYS and reporting back on it… sniff-sniff… kinda like we can ALL be together like one big…sniff… happy… waaahhh… Fammmuhleeeee…waaaaaaaaa.
Ok, I’m fine now… carry on… :wink:

I went to London this summer and the thing that I was most excited about was that I was going to get to KIP at a local craft fair … and guess what … it was my favorite thing on my trip!!! That and searching for yarn and finding a wonderful UK knitting magazine :slight_smile: oh yea, Big Ben was cool … and isn’t there a palace there of some kind??

I second Ingrid’s comment – yarn is a great souvenir :-). Your good vacation memories will come back as you use your sourvenir yarn!


:rofling: :roflhard:

Carmel you say…? I will be there for Chrismas… (my inlaws live in Monterey and Carmel)… interesting my wife didnt mention this little shop seeing as she grew up there from age 10-17 (or so)…