OK~ If you want to try socks but are wool allergic~?

what do ya do when you want to try socks but wool makes you itch:shrug:??I noticed alot of superwash/virgin wool… but wool makes me itch… what do you guys suggest instead???:happydance:

You could always try acrylic, or cotton. There are lots of different sock yarns for all skin types.

Depending on how wool sensitive you are, you might still be able to use some of the wool sock yarns out there. Generally, sock yarns have a tighter twist in the yarn, so they don’t even feel “wooly”.

I would avoid acrylic yarns for socks, simply because the end product won’t breathe, and you really want socks to breathe. But there are lots of nice cotton sock yarns out there, such as Panda Cotton (which is actually a bamboo/cotton blend).

Try Regia Bamboo its cotton mix and lovely to use.

tofutsie- wool is not scratchy, but you might want to feel it in person first.
[I][SIZE=1]50% Superwash Wool[/SIZE][/I]
[I][SIZE=1]25% Soysilk Fibers[/SIZE][/I]
[I][SIZE=1]22.5% Cotton[/SIZE][/I]
[I][SIZE=1]2.5% Chitin[/SIZE][/I]

fixation-nice and strechy, no wool! lots of colors too
[I][SIZE=1]98.3% cotton [/SIZE][/I]
[I][SIZE=1]1.7% elastic[/SIZE][/I]

I use Online Cotton Supersocke, it’s 45% cotton / 40% wool / 15% nylon. You’d probably have to feel it, but it’s extremely breathable and not “wooly” at all. If you need one without any wool at all, I’m sure there are still several options. It’s good that yarns have come such a long way! And you’ll absolutely never regret spending the time to learn how to make socks - they’re my favorite :smiley:

I have not made a sock with Cascade Fixation, but it seems really nice and has no wool.

I hope you find a yarn that doesn’t bother you. I have trouble with wool too, but find I can tolerate a blend with wool in my socks. Some people take a loop of the yarn they want to test and wear it around their wrist to see if it is bothersome. You could try some around your foot??? There are cotton sock yarns, but I can’t think of the names! Good luck! Socks are fun! samm