OK. I finally feel brave enough - and I still can't

OK. I finally feel brave enough to post pictures of a few of my FOs, and I can’t figure out how to do it. :oops: What’s even worse, my 13-year-old DD can’t either, and if she can’t… I have them in Kodak Easy Share, and I could post a link to the album in my profile, but can’t post pictures as attachments. Would someone please take pity on a poor computer-challenged old lady and help me out?

I have the same program, so here’s a technical problem I can really help with! Edit your picture, click on “Save as” and give it a name. Also instead of save as 100%, click on the arrow and save as ‘best for web’.

When you click on browse and a list of photos comes up, click on recent and your picture name should be at the bottom of the list.

Sometimes, after you select one picture, your Kodak screen will come up for the next one, and then you can select them from there.

Now that I said I could help, I hope this works! :wink:

:cheering: Ingrid - Thank you!!!