Ok, I am really showing that I am truly a beginner now

[color=indigo]When using different colors for casting on, how do you do it? Do you tie new color to old color? If so which yarn, front or back… Or do you pull yarn up through last stitch of old color, like when you join a new yarn at the end of a row? I tried just casting on each color, like a normal cast on, but when I went to do the next row and got to the color change, it looked SO wrong. :? So any help here would be much appreciated. :wink: [/color]

If you think that you are showing your newness, I am really bad. I didn’t even know that you could cast on in different colors.

[color=indigo]Well the pattern I am going to attempt says you can…hehe :wink: [/color]

Great question. I am watching for an answer also.

[color=indigo]Well so far I have not seen an answer. Does nobody know? Did I stump everyone? Any help would be appreciated, I would love to try this pattern, now that I have had all my other questions answered. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyone? Anyone at all?

Help please! Thanks! ~DM[/color]

What kind of a cast on does the pattern call for? Maybe a cable cast on would do the trick. That’s my only suggestion, I’ve never cast on with 2 colors!

[color=indigo]It says: “using long tail cast on and seperate balls of yarn for each block”. Hehehe and that is the only cast on I really know how to do, but I guess it is time to learn others… :lol: [/color]

Welcome glmsbrt69!

I’ve only done this once. I think the trick was to slip the new color yarn behind the last cast on stitch of the other color (so it’s between the last two stitches, and dangling down with a long enough tail to cast on with). Then just start using it to cast-on. I hope this makes sense…

Just curious, what are you making?

[color=indigo]Ohh, ok that makes sense, I will give that a try. I am attempting to make a checkerboard pillow. Then if all goes well I will attempt the afghan. :wink:
Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue: [/color]

Ahh yes, I recall the your other thread now. Good luck! :slight_smile: