Ok How do i do this.?

I know how to start a new color…but im not sure about this:
"When changing colors, pick up the new color from under the dropped color to prevent holes."
And what does this mean? “Carry color not in use, loosley across the wrong side of work”[/i]

When you pick up the new color, the old color should be kind of “trapped” against the back of the work. This will loop the two colors together so you don’t get holes at the color change.

Carry loosely across work: if for expample you knit four stitches with MC then four stitches with CC etc. the unused yarn is carried across the back and you’ll get “strings” of unused yarn. The tension needs to be right otherwise you’ll either pull the knitted fabric if you carry too tightly or have loose loops instead of strands if you carry too loosely.

If you can check out Silver’s reindeer sweater in the finished objects post you can see a REALLY PROFESSIONAL example of stranding.

Silver and Ingrid are our resident experts on colorwork, so I know they’ll correct me if I said anything wrong.

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


you might want to watch amy’s color work videos too. I am not sure which matches better what you are doing there but i would bet that they will give you good guidance!

When I change a color, I insert the needle to knit the stitch, hold the old color all the way over to the left with my left fingers on the back, and then knit the new color.

When you need to strand across the back, stretch the knitting out on your right needle and you should be able to avoid puckers.