Ok here is the fabric PURSE

here are some pictures enjoy!

Cute. Was it a pain in teh &$!&@ to cut up all of that fabric? Not sure I have the patience for that.

ok this is the funny part lol i bought the pattern, fabric, everything at WALMART they sale it in a bag i got it for 4.00 they run 7-10 $$ for them. So the fabric is already cut for you!!! After you knit it you sew in a lining with a pocket VERY EASY steps tells you how and what to do!

Vanessa :happydance:

The bag is VERY cute!

That is going to be sooo cool when it is done! Where did you learn how to knit with fabric? I have some fabric just sitting in my house and I would love to do something fun with it like knit with it. Is it hard to keep the fabric straight… meaning to keep it so that right side is always “out” so you can see the colors and not the inside of the fabric? Does that make sense? I don’t know how to ask it more clearly. :thinking:


Ok you do not have to keep it on the right side at all times. You want to pick a fabric you can see the print on both sides. Like hummm…thin cotton would be a good one to work with…Matalic fabric like on Knitty.com she made a purse with GOLD matalic fabric …thats what i want to make for me…but i want mine RED! lol… It really is not to hard cutting the fabric on knitty they show you…I can try and see if i can find it and post it.

Vanessa :cheering:

Ok here is what i am talking about!!

[color=blue]Tinker… I just bought a kit from Walmart too! lol… you got the better deal though :shock: I paid $9.00 … Will be fun to watch your progress, thanks for sharing! :cheering: [/color]

I’ve also seen this type of thing at the brick-and-mortor Joann Stores… :slight_smile: Not sure the price

The reason i got it for 4.00 because the super walmart stoped saling them! I bought two one for my sister and one for me lol. I will show you the picture of them when i find the picture lol I forgot where i put the picture from the package haa haa .Wish me luck in Vegas I am not going to take my knitting …I was going to but i don’t want to risk loosing my knitting lol. I am going to write to my pen pals I joined a few pen pal groups and I have some really cool pals so far! I thought 3 hours of flight why not write lol haa haa i rhymed any ways…I will post some pictures when i get back …and have fun everyone!!!

Vanessa :happydance:

This is what the purse will look like when done …and here is a web site you can go to as well…www.cranstonvillage.com