Ok first project or over ambitious?

Hi everyone,

I have been interested in learning to knit for a while, and now since I am home on a 1yr maternity leave and have just discovered the most adorable baby shorties ever I am going to take the plunge.

So I have some questions on how to get started.

This is what I would like to knit

I ordered her patten from the site, she says “I would call this an experienced beginner pattern, as there are a few things not found in the standard beginner pattern, such as a wrap and turn and directional decreases.”

Is this an overly ambitious first project?

Can anybody recommend some good tutorials for learning how to knit in the round?

Also being a beginner I need to buy needles the pattern says you need:
One pair each of US sizes 4 and 6 16"(40cm) circular needles

Can you use a longer cable?
I was thinking to purchase this starter set because it has all the sizes I would need but the smallest cable is 60cm and not 40cm.

Any advice is welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you!

So is this the first thing that you have ever made? Have you made practice squares or dish cloths or a scarf? Anything at all before this? Or have you never even picked up needles and you’d like this to be the first thing you do?

I would say if you’ve knit some things like a scarf or dish cloths before this and you have your tension down and you can go without adding stitches and things then this isn’t necessarily overly ambitious. However, if you’ve never knit anything before and this is your first project I would say this is way too ambitious.

Directional decreases and wrap and turns are not that difficult to learn. You’ll get those in time and they just take practice. The tension and adding and dropping stitches thing is the stuff thats going to drive you crazy.

I’d be worried that if you tackled this as your first project you might get frustrated and stop knitting because you may not have the basic skills to do this.

When people are starting out I advise them to just make practice squares. Something that willnever actually be anything because if its not going to be anything theres no frustration when it turns out horrible.

There are some tutorial videos on this site under the videos link at the top that will show how to knit in the round.

As for the cable needle, you are going ot need a 16" for this. I’d imagine that the 16" is for the leg openings and waist. A cable needle that is too large is going to stretch out your stitches and make it difficult to knit. Honestly I think a 16 even sounds kind of big for baby legs.

But anyway…Thats my opinion.

I have to agree with Trvvn here, if this is your very first knitting project ever, it’s far too ambitious. Increasing and decreasing can be difficult enough when you do know what you’re doing (Just look at the increases page here and see how many different kinds there are). If you have made a few “square” projects, then I would watch the videos here for the techniques you will have to use, practice them until you are comfy enough using them, and then attempt to make it.

Also, if you are not experienced at reading knitting patterns, some of the shorthand can be very confusing.

Some people do choose to do ambitious projects for their first one, but it’s a good idea to practice first. Get comfortable with the basic stitches and knitting in the round first then tackle that. It won’t take long to learn. Then you’ll be happier with your work and you won’t want to throw it all across the room. :wink:

The knit pro needles may come in a fixed circular that’s 40cm. Yes, you would need to use the shorter length unless you use quite a bit longer one (80cm and up) and use the Magic loop technique.

And it may be too much if this is your first item, though my 2nd one was a top down raglan sweater with a cable down the front. I had done a lot of ‘practicing’ with the pattern and another yarn, and doing other things first though they weren’t completed projects. You’ll find videos for knitting in the round on the Advanced Techniques page, and I think the one for ‘wrap and turn short rows’ is on the Tips page.

I would say, there is no such thing as a too ambitious first project. I went from not knowing how to cast on to making socks on DPN’s in about 3 hours. I asked lots of questions and watched all the videos on KH, YouTube, and a few other video sites. You can do this, besides, whatcha got to loose other than a little time. I say go for it.