OK, don't laugh,

So I knit my DD a hat and had enough yarn left for mittens. The label on the yarn says “great for felting!” so I thought,…Felted mittens, those would be great! So I knit up the first mitten and now I realize that I have never felted before and I don’t know exactly how to do it! Duuh!!! It’s just one tiny mitten out of Moda Dea wool/bamboo. I know there is something about hot water, agitation and soap. Can I just rub them in the sink? Do I use the washing machine? How do I keep them from felting on the inside and sticking together? I want to felt the first one and see if they fit after felting…

EEEK! Why didn’t I think of this before I started!!!???

Thanks so much!!!

How tiny is it? You know that felting shrinks too, right…? Of course you did.

Make them about a third bigger than you want them to be. I would put something in at least the thumb to keep it from felting shut.

Thank you. Yes, I know they shrink but I don’t know HOW to felt it. How do I do it? I have read to put it in a sock, a pillowcase, use your hands, ect. I’m very confused. How do I go about the actual felting process???

Felting is really fun and easy! I have learned it is best to put the item in something lik a pillow case to “capture” fibers during the felting process…So, put your item in a zippered or knotted pillowcase. Washer on hot, little bit of detergent, low water level and start agitation cycle…check your item every few minutes to see how it is coming. You may have to reset your washer if one wash cycle isn’t long enough. Ideally, the stitch definition will be gone if you felt it long enough. As you are checking, make sure your mitten isn’t felting together on the inside. I am not sure what you could stuff it with to prevent this. I learned not to let this happen the hard way on a bag I was felting… You can felt by hand on smaller items but I haven’t tried that.Hope this helps!

Just a thought, but if you get some transparency sheets from the office supply section of any retail store, you could cut them into mitten shapes and put them inside while washing. They’re thin plastic, so they shouldn’t stick to the yarn, and can be reused over and over. The heat from a washing machine wouldn’t be enough to melt them, but make sure not to place them in the dryer! :figureditout:

Thanks everyone! I did try it like you said but my machine has an energy saving feature that doesn’t let the water get hot enough. I had to empty the machine and fill it with a bucket from the tap. I used WAY too much soap :teehee: but I finally got the mitten to felt. I’m glad I just knit the first one b/c I cast on way too tightly and my DD can’t get her chubby little hand in there. So, the mittens are a super fast knit so I will just make a two more with a much looser cast on. Or I’ll add some sts.

I’ll post pics when they are done!