OK...confession time!

Has anybody out there ever knit an item intended to be “X”, but when they finished, it didn’t turn out, so they used it/gifted it as item “Y”? Were you able to effectively play off the goof-up?

Here’s my example… I made a poncho, and I had to use a larger size needle to get gauge. The pattern of the fabric is an open “holey” pattern (not really lacy). Even though my gauge swatch was on target, when I completed the poncho, I felt that the stitches looked a bit sloppy from using too big of a needle and that the holes were too big. So I started thinking…could I make my poncho into a skirt (I’ll have to line it though)? :shifty: Is that “allowed”? Or is that “cheating”? I didn’t know if it would be nice as a poncho, but thought it might be very cute as a skirt. I didn’t want to tear everything out and redo it; maybe going down a size needle wouldn’t have even solved the problem.

:hug: :thumbsup: Ahhhhh, the utilitarian nature of knitting!!!:thumbsup:
If it works for a skirt, go fer it!!! If that doesn’t work, o look great aunt Thelma’s birthday is comin up and you really don’t have time to look for something… lol:present:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Oh yeah! I have a DD who is just about my size, but 2" taller. She is 5’2" and I am 5’0". Twice I have knitted sweaters, and once really classy button-up/poncho wrap from Vogue…and all were supposed to be for me.

But, alas, the sizing didn’t work out. Either it was too small for me (around)…or too long for me. Either way, she got a GIFT!
She is always ready for knitting things from Momma!

I think making it a skirt is very creative and inovative. A lining and an artful belt ought to do it.

I have lots of transformer knitting projects. Half a sweater back that I got tired of knitting … got folded felted and became a purse. Top half of sock that became a doll hat … felted bag that came out wonky and became coasters … just cut out circles. A couple of scarves that I got tired of knitting became wine bottle gift bags …
I think a poncho becoming a skirt is a great idea !

It happens to alot I have turned scarfs into bags, baby sweater into a hat a hat into a bag etc… Their is a name for it it’s called “Creativity” and boy do we knitters have it.