Ok, am seriously stuck

hi all

firstky apologies for not posting for ages but with x mas now upon us i simply haven’t had 5 seconds together.

i have been knitting now for about 2 years. i can do obviously knit peal stst cable (just learnt and am ok at it, just need practise now lol). i can turn my hand to trying most types of knitting, even tried fair isle and actually got on ok with it, even though i found the yarn tagled like crazy.

i have a wonderful tom and jerry jumper pattern for my 4 year old son that i really want to make, but i simply keep getting any chart work wrong. i have tried doing it on the prinsiple of fair isle but have gotten stuck as it always seems the pattern is to tight and pulls together; i am getting more and more frustrated by this after about a year of trying on and off.

i really want to try something simple taht is hard to get wrong. can anyone help please?

its daft i am stuck on this when i can just about have a go at most other things


Ok…this one is little but you might look at it,


I have worked this little guy in a day or two (depending on the time you have. He is simple knit and purl, inc/dec. It tells you to work with fingering wool, but you could use up to worsted weight with larger needles and that should do you fine. (I like to use 3.25 mm.

Being for a 4 yr old…I would work his eyes in embroidary stitch so he doesnt’ swallow the eyes.

Good luck


What is a Tom and Jerry jumper? Maybe we can help you figure out the pattern you have and seem to like, or have you given up on it? Are you asking us to help you find another simpler sweater pattern for your son? How big is he?



ye si am looking for a simpler pattern to learn on. i haven’t given up on the pattern totally, just until i get some practise. i know where i’m going wrong, but with there being so many different colours and bits to keep changing in each row i am finding it hard to get the tension corect. so i do know what i’m doing wrong, just can’t get it right and it is driving me mad lol.

i love the tedy bear though, not what i was looking for here, but i will definatly be adding tht to the to knit list that is getting steadily bigger by the second i am looking at patterns on here hehe

thanks again


the pattern i have is a bought one, so can’t show you it. incase you have seen it its the tom and jerry dancing one.

i usually knit a 6 year old size for my son as i knit smaller than larger.

Sorry…I misunderstood the question…I thought perhaps you were just looking for a quick gift for your son…smiles

Bears are fun though…

glad you did missundrstand as i love that bear lol. he’s going to love it as i definatly will be making that for him in the next few months.

thanks again though


Hi I’m guessing you’re trying to knit a modif or design on the jumper? Something like this dog -->http://vickidesigns.homestead.com/scotty.html ?

Glad it helped…

He is really little (the bear), maybe about 4 inches in fingering weight wool. So I would totally work him in worsted weight, and then he may turn out to be about 6 or so inches.

Here is the link to the book that he comes from. Awesome book!