Ok all you Addu Turbo Fans

…what is it everyone LOVES about them? How are they different from bamboo? I seriously want to know. I’m in love with bamboo needles and don’t want to use any other…although I have never tried Addi Turbos!! I need to buy needles this week, should I try the Addis??? Help! :?

Should you buy Addie? That depends on what you like about your bamboo. For instance, if you like that your stitches cling to bamboo, then you probably won’t like Addi.

I like Addis b/c the stitches glide over the needles; Addis are quite slippery. I also like them b/c they are light and don’t make a lot of noise when I knit. In the larger sizes of circs, the cord is just as thick as the actual neede, so you don’t have to fight the stitches when moving them from cord to needle. See a pic of it here.I don’t like the prices of Addis though :shock:. I actually only have two pair, but I adore both of them. :wink:

I like them most because they are so incredibly light. Weight is a big factor for me because I have juvenile arthritis (when does it become JUST arthritis? lol) , and I can knit longer with the Addi’s. I have 3 pairs…but only because I sell plasma to buy them. :lol: