OK, admit it, who talks

to yourself while knitting, especially with the more complex patterns.

I’m sure people think I’m completely nuts while I’m sitting there during the kids’ swimming lessons. I’m doing it quietly, but they can probably see my lips moving. :rofling:

knit two together…yarn over…slip one…knit two…yarn over…knit one…

lol i do, most especially when i am looking at a pattern and looking at the work on my needles and saying “you want me to what?!” :rollseyes:

Doesn’t everyone?? :thinking: :rofling:

:waving: When I have a complicated repeat, I say it out loud, too. The more distractions around there are, the louder I speak!

Yes, I think out loud to help myself “get it straight”. It doesn’t really bother me when people notice.

i think i’m even worse because for a simple rib pattern, i’m saying knit, knit, purl, purl.
it’s not like it’s even difficult and i’m still mouthing the words. :slight_smile:

So far ~ only when I’m counting stitches. :smiley:

:waving: Guilty as charged! Mostly just when counting stitches or working a complicated pattern, though.

I only count out loud as well. My friends all laugh at me when I get to a complicated row because I tell them “I can’t listen to you right now - I need to count” and then they hear me going “1, 2, 3, 4. 1, 2, 3, 4” under my breath. rofl

Oh good, I’m not the only one!

I talk to myself a lot, it drives DH crazy.

:wink: You know I never thought about it til I just read this … but I do to!!

:waving: I talk out loud too! When I first started knitting and I couldn’t remember how to bind off. So I read the instructions in SnB book. Well if have ever read the instructions in the SnB book to bind off they have named the two stitches Harry and Sally (if I remember correctly). I did the first two stitches and said out loud “Hello Harry and Sally, we are going to play a game of leap frog.” My Mom was sitting with me at the time working on a word puzzle. I could see her from the corner of my eye, she had this strange look on her face. She just looked over at me and smiled. I know she was probably thinking that I completely lost it. But she has always found me a little strange anyways. :rollseyes:

I do. Especially when someone is talking to me and I’m trying to concentrate and count stitches. I’m like [size=7]1-2-3-4-5. [/size]

Yep! I do it all the time. Sometimes I even make up a little song. :rofling:

Ditto!! :roflhard:

sing the song!!! sing the song! sing the song!!!

No I don’t. I must have missed all the fun. I knit on the train and bus and talking to oneself is not a very good idea.

Only when I’m counting stitches. It’s because I lose count very easily, no matter what I’m counting, so I keep thinking counting aloud will help. No idea why… :rollseyes:

Whew, I’m glad to know that I’m far from alone. I’ve just started a basket weave dishcloth and I’ve been counting outloud for 2 days now, to the point my husband has band this WIP from the bedroom! The way I’ve been counting almost sounds like a cadance, knit, 1 2 3 4 5, purl, 1 2 3 4 5, over and over again. Now the only WIP I can knit in bed is my shawl, no counting required. :smiley:

bah! It’s not like people aren’t use to people talking to themselves on the train. They were some of my favorite people when i use to ride those trains! I would never get any knitting done for all the people watching!