Ohio State Hat for son-in-law

My son in law is a big BUCKEYE fan so since he is such a good guy…he gets this hat this year. Two years ago I was making hats for him to wear in Korea…

Awesome! He’s going to love it!

Another WOW! You’re really good at this kind of thing. How great that this one won’t be in Korea (military posting?)

All Ohio is going to want one! Wonderful work on this hat.

Great work! I’ve always admired knitters who can successfully do colorwork like this…stranding is so hard for me to get right! Your work ROCKS!

This was my first attempt at two colors that interweaved…My friend is very good at this and I watched as she told me how to do it about two weeks ago…I found the alphabet chart on line…did a graph according to gauge from the Ann Budd book…and did my letters accordingly…I feel a CUBBIE hat is on the way…:slight_smile:

He is Air Force…from Ohio and of course a big Buckeye fan…

Looks great! I did a Cubs hat and scarf for my son a few years back. It was my first attempt at duplicate stitch and it came out ok. Your hats always look fabulous.

Wow nice cubs hat!!! THe cubs hat would be for the godfather of my grandchildren…

You are all giving me ideas for my son in law’s bday or Christmas next year. He’s a University of Cincinnati grad as well as a Cincinnati Reds fan. He’s also the hardest person in the world to buy things for. I was planning on knitting him a hat for next year anyway so now I’ll incorporate the UC symbol in the knitting. The hat I was planning on doing is a reversible double so maybe can figure out how to do a symbol on both sides.

You two must share a muse. This is a great hat too.

Wow! I like both the Buckeye and Cubs hats. Very nice work!