Ohio - Cuy Falls Area - Knitting & Crochet Group

Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum. I wanted to let you know that in our area of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, there is a new knitting & crochet meetup group that has recently started.

We have a monthly meeting every 3rd Wednesday night, plus other “in between” meetups as well. This group is open to members of all ages and stages in the fiber world from Beginners, Advance Beginners, Intermediates and Pros. We welcome all.

For more information, please join us at:

Sign ups are free. There you will have access to group meetup dates, times and locations and more.

We hope to see you there!


:verysad: [color=blue]Gee I wish I had known about this before I moved. I lived in CF from 1979-1988 but only moved to N Canton from there so it was still not far. But in 9/05 we moved to Greer, SC.[/color]


Hi Colleen!

I’m sorry too. :hug:

You’ll just have to move back to Ohio… but wait until all this snow melts first… it’s a mess up here. :eyebrow:

I really don’t miss living in OH this time of the year. My son still lives in the N Canton area and we visited him at Christmas time. We had come home for Christmas from SC and hoped to have a white Christmas. The weather there was as warm as here at that time. But now, it is balmier here. Except for tonight when the temperature that showed up on our car as 29 degrees. That sort of made me feel like I was still in OH. LOL

Keep warm and cozy. Knitting can help with that!

Love, In Christ,