Ohhhhh experts!

I got someone’s stash…YEAHHHHH ME!!!

however, it has been in the basement, and not very fresh smelling at present time.

I can use well over half of the 2 big black g’bags I received for fun projects. :slight_smile:

Right now, they are “airing out” on a sheet in the bright sunlight. I am not too worried about them fading at this point, as they won’t be out FOREVER, but…is there a better method?

it is all acrylic yarn.

I came 2 hours ago to ask this question…and I have had fun looking at ya’lls projects…:slight_smile:

That would be my first move, too. Good old sunshine. If that doesn’t work, maybe Febreeze could add a final touch.

would all problems be solved after a good ole fashioned wash?

I was also thinking of layering bounce sheets in a tight container. I would like the smell gone…not covered up.

GREAT idea on the febreeze!!! as I am sure that would do the trick wonderfully as well!! :slight_smile:

Febreeze is a wonder of an invention…works on just about everything :thumbsup:

I supposed if you can stand to knit with it, the smell would come out when you wash the FO. I don’t know how you’d wash yarn without ending with a massive knot!

I supposed if you can stand to knit with it, the smell would come out when you wash the FO

heeheee…ya…this is what I meant…altho…the latter DID cross my mind :slight_smile:

If you want to wash the yarn, wind it into skeins first. If you don’t have a niddy noddy, the easiest way is to wrap it around your elbow and the V between your thumb and forefinger, or around the back of a chair. Take some scrap yarn and tie it around the yarn in four spots around the loop. That will keep it from tangling.

Hand wash the skein in lukewarm water and a mild detergent by letting it soak, rinse, and repeat. Do not agitate. Then hang it to dry from a non rusting coat hanger. Use another hanger at the bottom for a bit of weight.

When dry, they’ll be good as new!

It’s a lot of effort, but worth it. Of course, you could always just knit with it and wash the finished object instead. :wink:

Lucky you! How bad is the smell?

i don’t know i would be careful using Febreeze though. i have always felt that it puts a …“film?” (not sure what word i am looking for here)…on the fabric after it has been used. just never feels clean to me i guess. the sweet smell of febreeze always makes me slightly naseous too so there is that to consider as well.

as much of a PITA as it could be, i would say that if sitting out in the sun doesn’t help it then i think Silver’s suggestion would be the best one. that way you get it clean without any sort of shtuff on it.

Silver…this is a WONDERFUL idea!!! :slight_smile: and one I will use later!!! if I get a “ball or two”…I’d say there are over 100 items here…well…maybe 50 items…lol…(no spacial thinking and I can’t count)…

Kemp: not a BAD smell…just musty basement smell. But strong enough when I walked by it I could smell it (outside).

I just checked it, and it isn’t horrid!!! I think when I pack it all back up again, I’ll put some dryer sheets in the box, to help it along some.

or you could always do your knitting in a room full of scented candles :wink:

fwiw…I got the yarn from a fellow freecycler…:slight_smile: you can go to www.freecycle.org and see if they have a group in your area, if they don’t it doesn’t take much to set one up I am sure.

I am the same way about the candied almond smell. I had one too many a few years ago, and now the smell of them just sends me into a tailspin!!! and I ain’t even pregnant!!! lol…

:cheering: you are so lucky!

one of the glades, i think it is garden fresh or something makes me sick. i had it in my room the last time i had strep thoat real bad. and i was throwing up and thats what i smelled when i threw up so now i can’t smell the stuff without wanting to throw up! you can try sented oils to elimenate the smell in the house! :thumbsup:

I’m with Kemp :thumbsup:

I’m so jealous Heather!! I can never seem to reply quick enough!!! :cry: Hey wait a minute, maybe YOU are the one who got to that bag’o’yarn before I did? :thinking: hmph :fingerwag:

I don’t know if this would work or not but for musty boyds I have when they first come out of hibernation for their season I put them in a trash bag with candles then they smell like my candles… some use dryer sheets but that can be like Febreze good on some things nausea feeling if used to much LOL you are lucky getting all that yarn!! :thumbsup:

Hey wait a minute, maybe YOU are the one who got to that bag’o’yarn before I did?

lol…ya, I know how you feel…I’ve been trying for a while…it just means that you are more productive than I am!!! :slight_smile: lol…

The sunshine really worked!!! I am making Rebecca’s halter, and it isn’t smelly at ALL!!! :slight_smile:

Me productive??? HA! BLAH!! Productively UNproductive… :rofling:

Here’s another tip for taking bad smells out of fabric, and it works pretty well from my experience…Good ol’ fashioned baking soda. works pretty good as a odor eater for shoes too. though I recommended to a friend of mine not to put it in his shoes. I’m afraid he’d take 3 steps and disappear :roflhard: okay, I know that was mean, but he’s the type of guy that would laugh at that joke too.