Ohhh, I want this



Those bags are SO cool.

I wish I had $200 to spare…:roflhard:

Those are so cool.

I wish I had that kind of money to spend, but everyone in my house thinks I should buy food and pay bills.

I think I might settle for thisbut then I wouldn’t get to play with all of that yarn. I’m off to see if my hubby has dropped any lose change in the couch… there has got to be a way I can afford that:drool:

Do you sew? It doesn’t look like it would be too difficult ~ the fabrics and trim really set off the bags, IMO.


No :shifty: I don’t sew. So far, it is actually the worst part of my knitting. So bad that my hubby looks at me like I’m pathetic and gives me tips on how I could maybe do better.:shock:

she has great stuff, you linked to her six month sock club … she has sock sacks for less than 20! so pretty! i love the skull and rosespattern:heart:

well it looks like she has some of her bags on sale separate from the yarn… her yarn is awefully pretty though! :slight_smile:


I love her yarn… haven’t bought any but she has been in my favorites for awhile so I can just go drool over her colors…:teehee:

That’s a fair price, I think, for the bag.

ADAllen - sewing will become much easier! I have been knitting off and on for years, but I had people (my mom, grandma, my friend’s mom) that would sew my stuff up because I really dislike finishing. Now I don’t have anybody and have to do it myself. I think I’ve improved over the years, but I still can’t figure out how my mom sewed the seams.

Good luck!