Ohh noooooooo

So, I’ve talked to a few of you about newly discovering knitting. I was soo proud that a scarf was actually starting to form. This afternoon my son ( 3 years old) ripped it apart. I’m so frustrated.

Sorry just needed to vent.

Hey, look on it as more practice for you… :teehee:


Oh – I’m so sorry to hear that!

Rewind your yarn and take a few deep breaths.

Then cast on and try again.

You’ll be fine and so will your scarf.

Soon your son will be a teenager and he won’t give your knitting a second glance. :teehee:


Or he could become like my 13yo son and watch constantly. I’ve frequently asked him if he wants to learn. He says no, but we’ll see. I taught him to cross-stitch about a year ago. :wink:

I am sorry that happened, i know thats a blow to the gut
but now you can make those little adjustments you were lamenting not doing while you did the last 5 rows
you know the ones i mean
the naggling little ideas on how to make this project just PERFECT
if only you had thought of it sooner


Ah, yes, very familiar with the little hands “helping”…hang in there.

Sorry that happened to you.
I have some little helping hands too. I learned quickly to put my knitting up, out of their reach!
You are not alone. :hug:

Seems most of us have had it happen either with kids or pets. :shrug: Lesson learned…keep it put up when you aren’t working on it. :heart:

So, ummmmm, you didn’t like…strangle him with the yarn or anything did you? :eyebrow:

This makes me think of… the “keep out of reach of children” label on some products :rofl: yeah… keep out of reach of children should be the best way, I’m sorry that your scarf was distroyed :pout:

Oh and I just noticed! Mason’s got a new haircut! :teehee:

BTDT, unfortunately. I’ve actually had it happen a few times with both my son (2.5), and my cats. I am a hard learner I guess :??

The yarn is just too tempting to them. Sorry it happened to you.