Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave

when we carelessly stash our yarn…:help: This is what happens when you leave an unattended tub of yarn in a room with kids…I salvaged what I could but after much frustration ripped the yarn from the skeins/balls and threw away the tangled mess.


Umm… looks like mostly novelty yarn so… :teehee: Bummer that it happened though.

and people wonder why i don’t want kids anytihng soon…:teehee:

My four dachshunds did the same thing to me years ago, tho they also ran it through the living room around the coffe table and the side tables. :roflhard:

we had a worse one at work the other day…all the eyelashy sale yarn in a big box, many of which had wormed their ways out of the labels…

it was at least an eight ball collision


Yeah, most of it was…And I truly wasn’t too saddened by the loss considering I bought most of that yarn when I first began knitting a few years ago…I thought the “fur” yarn looked so fun! Now I know better :teehee:

the dangers of fun fur…i think we all have some of that hidden in our stash somewhere, right next to the red heart super saver

I didn’t have that problem with my kids…they knew better than touch anything that didn’t belong to them or have permission to touch…now if I could only train my cats that way, but for some reason they just look at me like “what’s the problem?”…and do it again when I leave something unattended…I never have figured out how they get yarn wound, not only around the chair and table legs, but up over the rungs 2, 3 and 4 times?

OH MY!!!

My cat has eaten yarn in the past, luckily just a scrap of yarn left over from something, but it was all over the floor

Oh, bummer… maybe it would be best to give to the kids as a toy?!

:teehee: If they are like most kids they’ve got a million toys, but nothing is as fun as something that isn’t theirs.

:rofl: I don’t have kids, but like Rose, I have a miniature dachshund who just loves my yarn! In the pic below she is looking very innocent!

my girls have a fox toy like that too. i’ve lucked out my dogs only like to lay on my skein while i knit and cuddle my knitting when i put it down. the only problem is my older one (in the avatar) sleeps with her tounge sticking out and get a little drooly…:drool:

I would, but, I have given them so many swatches and little balls of scrap yarn that end up all over the house and eventually in the trash…lol…They have fun with it for a whole 10 seconds before the swatches and yarn balls start collecting all the dog and cat fur all over the floors…lol…And yes, Jan, they have WAY too many toys!! :teehee:

LOL! Awww, sweet baby, she’s just trying to keep the yarn warm for you!!