Oh these darn socks!

I went to the knitting store to get help with my socks, the ladies were semi-helpful, they actually did the process for me of splitting my stitches. I wanted to learn to do it myself so that when I got to the second sock I would be able to do it myself without having to go back.

Tonight I left my knitting out and the darn dog got into it and basically tore it all apart. So I restarted. Now I am almost at the point where I will have to divide my stitches up 16 on one needle and 8 on the other two. Problem is, I don’t want to go back to the knitting store to ask for help with the same thing again.

I looked at a bunch of videos but they don’t really help. I am not sure which one is considered my needle 1, needle 2 and needle 3.

I understand my pattern enough to be able to continue after splitting the stitches but I just don’t know how to do it. I also don’t want to accidently twist my stitches.

My pattern says

slip last 8 sts from 3rd needle and first 8 sts from first needle onto one needle for heel. Contrast marker is in centre. 16 sts are left on 2 needles for instep. Instep sts may be slipped onto st holder while working heel if preferred”

Also does it matter which needle I use?? It says from 3rd needle and from 1st, but I don’t know which is which? Any help would be greatly appreciated! (I currently have 10 stitches on one needle, and 11 on the other 2)

I think generally the first needle of the round is considered needle 1, the next needle 2 and the last one needle 3.

To divide the stitches just slip them from one needle to the other. You’ll be making the heel on the needle with the 16 stitches.

Does that help?

do I slip them purl style or knit style? I’ve lost track of which needle originally had the first round on it. I can see the tale and follow it up I suppose. The needle that has the yarn attatched to it, is that the one I will be putting the 16 stitches on?

Since you are just moving them to another needle you’d slip them as if to purl.

It doesn’t truly matter which needle is which at this point, but you need to make note now so you know what to do for the instep and the next sock as well.

Unless you’ve knit with the tail that is usually the beginning/end of the round. In other words the needle to the left of the tail…the one in your left hand is needle 1. The one on the right, in your right hand, is needle 3. If you need to you can put marker(s) to help you remember. For instance use a safety pin or some type of locking marker to attach to the knitting that is on needle 1. That way you’ll know which one is which from now on. Write on your copy of the pattern what the marker is for. I’m a big fan of markers myself. :thumbsup:

Once you have the stitches set up it is usually clear for the rest of the sock what goes where because of the heel stitches.

What pattern are you using btw?

Thank you! This was very helpful. I was so frustrated last night I stayed up till 3:30am knitting. I THINK I figured it out, it looks right, although I ended up knitting some stitches over to the needle that I was planning on using, then slipped some from the end of another.

Next time I will deff use stitch markers.

I am using “Patons His’n Hers slouch socks” pattern. I typed it up and put it here https://sites.google.com/site/xoangelmariexo/socks

I have just finished “Shape the heel” and am stuck again though. Because I don’t know which is needle one or two or three. Also I don’t know which part of the stitch to “pick up and knit” I looked at a few videos and I think I got it, but I dont want to mess it up.

Your pattern says to mark the first stitch with contrasting thread…you could also have used a marker. Did you do that? I know how to do what you’re asking, but it’s hard to explain. Here’s a simple pattern on double pointed needles that might help because it’s got great pictures. This was my first sock. Take a look and come back with questions if you need to.


After I joined in the round I wasn’t sure where the start of my round was, I did use a different colour as my “stitch marker” then it ended up falling off at some point and I didn’t notice. I’m going to check out that site now. Here is the point I am at.
(pardon the unmanicured toes)

Ok I have numbered my needles like this

Am I taking a 4th needle to pick up my stitches? Then transfering my stitches from needle 1 to needle 4?

Edit: Shoot swap needle 3 and 2, its opposite, not the way I labeled it. So the one I labeled needle 2 is my needle 3 and my needle 3 is my needle 2

Edit: k wait, no I was right the first time, I think? haha help!

What you you’re going to be doing now is joining the heel stitches to the instep stitches. I’m not sure how to explain this… I’ll ask a few of the members who knit socks a lot to help at this point.

The numbering in the picture for needles 2 and 3 should be reversed. You’ve finished the shape the heel as I understand it and you’re ready to “pick up and knit 9 sts along the left side of the heel…”. (Take a look at the Free Video tab at the top of the page for Tips, How to Pick up stitches if you need to.) You’re actually going to be creating sts along the side of the heel. You’ll be picking up the sts in the slipped sts that you did for the heel. These 9 new sts will get you over to the sts that have been hanging out on needle 2 (labeled 3 in the picture). Take a look at all the pictures on the site that Jan gave the link to. They’ll show you exactly where you are (see especially Gusset, at the bottom of the first page).

Using the beginning of round marker is a good idea but you can always look at the tail left from your cast on to show you where the beginning of round is. Don’t worry about that now, you have the heel in to give you the orientation for the needles.

Once you pick up and knit all the sts required, you’re going to divide the sts differently. All the 16instep sts will be on new needle 2. The picked up 9sts on one side plus half the heel sts (9+5) will be needle 3 and the picked up sts on the other side plus the second half of the heel sts 9+5)will be needle 1. This orientation will help when you get to the toe shaping.

I am beyond frusterated, I tried what u said and I totally messed up, I brought it into the knitting store and the lady said I didn’t “knit across” after I picked up my stitches, she did something to it and fixed it, but I don’t know what! I think they want me to take a class :frowning: I got home and continued at the part where I have to decrease stitches and messed up my needles and I didn’t know how to fix it so I unwinded the entire sock and restarted but then I got to the pick up stitches part and messed up yet again. I just threw it across the room :frowning: maybe I should stick to scarves and hats :frowning:

Don’t be discouraged. When you get to the point of total confusion, it usually means you’re about to understand. Here’s a good video to show you where you are while knitting a sock. See if it helps. A class may not be a bad idea either, if you can do that. The more different ways you try to learn, the better.


I understand your frustration.
Here is a link to a great tutorial that shows the needles numbered
1, 2, & 3. It is for a basic sock, probably not the same pattern as yours, but it should help you to see and understand how to divide and number your needles.

Your pattern does it a little differently that I’m used to which is why I had to find more helpers.

Don’t give up! I agree that a class is a good idea. A tutorial that has step by step instructions like the one I posted (Lightning posted the print version) is a good idea, too. That one is a pretty basic sock.

Honestly, I am willing to try a different pattern at this point, one that you all are used too, because even the first part of the pattern after the ribbing where u divide the stitches before u even get to the heel, I did it differently because I didnt understand what the pattern says. All I want to do is do a pair of socks LOL. I quit for today and focused on making another hat.

This has nothing to do with the socks but I just want to make sure that this is the proper method for a decrease of a ribbed hat. Because last time I did it, it didnt turn out perfect (it could have been my mistake)
Shape crown:
R1(RS): *(K2, P2tog), rep * till end - 57 (60) st remain.
R2: *(K1, P2), rep * till end.
R3: *(K2, P1), rep * till end.
R4: *(K1, P2), rep * till end.
R5: *(K2tog, P1), rep * till end - 38 (40) st remain.
R6: *(K1, P1), rep * till end.
R7-8: Rep R6
R9: *(K2tog), rep * till end.

It looks like a good way to decrease a ribbed hat.
(Good idea to take a break from the socks. Look at the websites recommended in the posts and at more tutorials online or in books and see if you can get a feeling for the knitted basics.)

Thanks, I am not totally giving up on the socks but I need a little break from them, I have just been watching youtube videos and looking at the suggested sites for the socks, I will pick them up again in a few days.

I’ve changed patterns several times because of the way a pattern was written. You’re not alone. :thumbsup:

That appears to be fine for decreasing, but one thing I do is go to Ravelry and look at the project pictures for a pattern (or two or three) and see if I like the way the finished projects come out. Mostly they are fine, but occasionally the decreases will look odd to me so I’ll change it up. Once you get used to knitting it’s pretty easy to alter something like that on your own, too.

I finished another hat! 2 x 2 ribbing! yay!
Like I said I will come back to the socks lol
but now I see all these pretty cabled hats and wanna give one a shot.

I was wondering how those darn socks were doing. Now that I’ve read what’s going on, I’d agree with you that coming back to them later is probably a good thing. :wink: Congrats on completing another hat!

I try to keep a distraction project or two going at all times. That way I can happily knit on and finish something really easy while my brain ponders the project that’s got me frustrated beyond all relief. Nothing better than having something to show for all of that hard thinking!:thumbsup:

Do give Kelley’s sock class a go when you’re ready to go back to socks. I was terrified of socks until I watched those videos: she completely takes the mystery out of sock knitting!

Have fun with the cabled hats. They’ve just caught my attention too!