Oh Sophie~ Fini

Sophie is a creation of Julie Anderson of Black Sheep Bags, our friends at Magknits showcased her pattern. http://www.magknits.com/warm04/patterns/sophie.htm She is crafted using Lions Wool Ebony and Ocean Blues. The conche is a thrift store find. :smiley:

I love her dearly~

More photo’s at the blog, including a shot of our Mighty Huntress Midnight after My Sophie…


I love the color combo - great job!

I love how you did the colors! It’s wonderful!

Thank you both~
Jan I know you are a kitty lover. You should check out the shot I got of our Midnight going after the bag in a tree. It’s hilarious. I had to rush over before she jumped on to it. :lol:

very nice! :slight_smile: The button is a great addition! :slight_smile:

Oh that is too cute! She’s a cute kitty and you got a great shot of her with the purse!

I :heart: the bag; what an adorable picture of your cat admiring it!!

So pretty!

What a great bag. I love finding clasps and buttons on thrift store clothes, great idea on the conch!

Mama Bear

Beautiful! :inlove:

And the photo in your blog with Midnight :inlove: :inlove:

Your bag is beautiful. So stylish. I love it. :smiley:

Wow, that is lovely!! :inlove: :inlove:

That is just beautiful!

I love it! So stylish and classic!

Thank you everyone~
I knew I had a winner as soon as I pulled it out of the wash, well maybe after a few good tugs. lol

I would be remiss not to say here, that if you make this bag, be sure to really give some good twists to that icord handle before you graft. I hurried through and now I wish I had taken more time. Also if you make it with the bottom ten rows in a different color, be aware that when it is weighted, the bottom does show. I’m working on figuring out a way to stabilize it now. You could always make the entire bottom the contrasting color, and not worry about stabilizing at all.

It really is a fun, fast, economical project.
Thank you also for checking out the blog. :heart:

I made mine a solid color that goes up a little bit for that very reason. I still would like it more flat bottomed though. And my handle is not twisted tight enough. Oh well it was an experiment with stash yarn. :lol:

…and Ronda~
Yes I am so loving the blog. I can yak away to my hearts content, all about knit and life and knit and life. Wonderful.

I am a professional photographer, one of my many hats, and probably the one I love the most, yes even more than knitting. With my lens I am afforded the opportunity to capture the beauty I see, and share it, so that others can as well. There is a few links at the blog to some of my work.

Thank you both for posting at the blog.

It’s beautiful. You hot pink chick you. :smiley: Your handle looks much better than mine.

More Sophies!More Sophies! :cheering:

Thanks! I think the picture of the handles look better than real life. :rollseyes: I want to make the bigger version of Sophie next.
Elizabeth Bag

I do too!
I have my Mom and Sister on a scout for the pattern at an LYS near them.

Great minds. :thumbsup: