Oh silverrrrr!

HEYYYYYY!! When did you do a knitting socks website??? I just found it on your signature on another post you did. Here is my reaction… :shock: :shock: :shock: :happydance: :notworthy: :eyebrow:

Its wonderfull! I had been thinking about trying my hand at DPN’s and your site is exactly what I needed! Do you mind if I hunt you down if I get stuck??? :pray:

I just used her tutorial a week ago and made my first sock. It was sooo awesome! would have been too intimidated without her site :slight_smile: You will love it!

Have fun :XX: :XX:

Silver ROCKS!

:cheering: Yay Silver!!! :heart:

YAY!! I LOVE when people use my sock tutorial! :slight_smile: I wrote it a while ago, acutally on a soapmaking forum. Those crafty people were really interested in knitting, so they talked me into doing a sock tutorial. I wrote it ON the forum, and they knit along. There were a lot of participants, and most of them had only knit scarves before. By the time we were finished, they all had knitted socks.

It was such a hit, I converted it into a webpage. And I still get an email or two a week from someone who has knitted their first sock. It really makes me happy. :slight_smile:

Anyway, if you get stuck, feel free to hunt me down. I’ll help you out asap. And of course, you can always post a message in the how-to forum and someone will come along to help!

Yay, Sil!! I’m about to start my first pair of socks this weekend, and your tutorial is what finally gave me the courage to try!! thanks, chica! I’ll post pics once I get stuck. haha.


Yep, your tutorial gave me the courage to give it a try! My stepmom is giving me her dpn’s on Friday so I can start then! Yeah! :cheering: :happydance:

I got it on my favorites and looking at what to buy on KP, then ordering it and waiting ( stalking) my mail lady. Thats my biggest problem right now, what color to buy! I love em all! :drooling:

I was trying to measure my foot last night to decide which yarn thickness and such to get. My hubby was dying :roflhard: at me. :oops: And my kids think I’ve completely lost it. :oo: :rollseyes:

Silver, I was watching along on the soap list as you led a group through their first socks, it was really fun keeping up with their comments, questions, and posted pictures while they learned. Although it was you who got me started on my first scarf a year or so ago on that same soap forum, I was unable to knit along with the sock group at the time. I kept the link to your tutorial, though, and when I finally got around to tackling socks in September it was a huge help to review your clear photos and logical instructions. I have now got several pairs of finished socks under my belt and a good sized stash of sock yarn piled up for winter knitting! Thanks for the inspiration, I highly recommend your site for new sock knitters. :thumbsup: