Oh! Please help!

I am hoping to make two baby sweaters for a shower that is coming way too soon!!! I have been using this pattern http://knitting.about.com/library/blbabyswe9.htm
and I have come to the place where I put the sleeves on holders. I am a bit confused on how to proceed. I am assuming that I am going to just knit across now leaving out the sleeves. I have just noticed though that it doesn’t tell me how long to make it after this. That is NOT helpful!! Am I missing something? Also, when I go to do the sleeves, how do I attach the yarn? I am so lost here!! :oops:

I am willing to frog it all, but is there another simple pattern for a simple cardigan that I don’t have to do alot of finishing with? I am not very experienced with finishing. Also, I am using sport weight Baby Coordinates by Bernat. I like the yarn, but every other pattern I see calls for worsted weight.

Please, please help!!! :crying:


Looking at the pattern, you’re going to have to put the sleeves on dpns in order to knit them in the round all the way down. Is this something you think you can do?

If you want, you can go through these patterns for something easier. If you want to continue this pattern, give me a chance to really read it and I’ll get back to you. :wink:


I took another look at the pattern you’re doing, and from what I can tell, after you put your sleeves on the holders, you’re connecting the body all the way around and knitting down to the bottom. How long you make it is up to you.

When you reattach the yarn, just make a slip knot and pull that through as your first stitch at the center of the stitches you added for the underarm. This is when the circular knitting comes in.

You could possibly put these on a straight needle (it would be a little awkward at first, but after a few rows it will be easier). Then you could knit straight but would have to put a seam up the arm.

Yes, I made the baby hat from SNB that uses a cicular needle and dpns. No problem there.

So…when I add in the new yarn, I take my empty needle with the new yarn fastened to it and start with that? Is that right? Let me tell you what I am thinking…

Stiches on the dpns with new yarn attached like when I get ready to cast on. And then just keep going treating that new yarn as just another stich. Is this correct. I am really bad at explaining this…

Sometimes I have difficulty visualizing what folks mean when they write patterns. :blush:


When you start the new yarn, take your empty needle and put it in the cast on underarm stitch, ready to pick up a stitch. Then pull a slip knot through, as if you are just knitting. Instead of the regular st coming through, the loop of the slipknot will come through. That will be your first picked-up stitch. This is the way I do it for a little bit more stability on that first stitch. Some people say to just start knitting with the new yarn and tighten it up later.

So starting at the center of your underarm, you’ll pick up the 2 underarm stitches, then the sleeve stitches that are on hold, then the last two underarm stitches. I would pick them up on the dpns as is convenient and then distribute them evenly to start knitting the sleeve.

I hope this is clear. I have no problem visualizing, but sometimes have trouble explaining.


Sometimes I have difficulty visualizing what folks mean when they write patterns.

Becca, I can completely identify with you, being very much a visual learner myself. :?

Thanks so much. I printed it out and when I get to it, hopefully it will make more sense to me. The last thing I made was the same way, but when I went to do it, it all made sense. I’ll post again if I need more help.

Thanks again!!! :XX: