Oh Oh I Fell, was anybody looking?

:roflhard: Why did I have to fall this morning? ROFL
I wasn’t laughing when it happened. I got up as quickly as possible and wondered if anybody had seen it, especially the neighbor guy that had just jumped my car for me…
Falling is a longer way down when you get older, and more embarrassing. It’s been raining snow here in Michigan since yesterday and it’s slushy. It just started doing it again about 10minutes ago

Yikes! Hope you’re okay and all that’s bruised is your ego. :wink:

Yes Im okay, thanks! I didn’t hurt myself! It doesn’t feel the same when you fall as when you were a kid, when at times we fell on purpose, because it was fun! LOL

Glad you weren’t hurt, and I know what you mean about nobody seeing it. Sometimes that’s worse than the fall :rofl:

So glad you did not hurt yourself. There is nothing more embarrassing, unless your pants split at the time if the fall… see it COULD have been worse!

Your post reminded me of the things my cats do when they fall - they get up really fast and pretend that (a) they meant to do that, or (b) no one saw, and they were really just sitting here licking their paws. I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself!

Glad you’re okay!

I’m glad you’re okay. But, like Mason said…

:hug: I’m glad your ok… I stumble over my own feet all the time… dh just shakes his head while I just laugh… I’ve even took him down with me several times when he has went to catch me…:teehee:

I fell a couple of months ago carrying a watering can and walking between a palm tree and some bushes. One minute I was up, the next I was head over heels. The worst part was that as I lay there on my back trying to gain my composure, I hear the neighbor kid’s car slow down and he’s looking at me to see if I’m ok. I had to wave him off. :roflhard:

You are so right about it being worse when you are older!! I fell a year or so ago while holding my son … he was fine, but I scraped up my knees, ripped my pants - typical kid injury. Let me tell you, it hurt WAY more than I remembered … I just don’t remember being achey! I guess old knees will do that.

Glad you’re okay though!

You know, children are much more relaxed when they fall which is why they sustain less injury. As we get older, we stiffen up more. The relaxation et slow response time is why drunks walk away from car accidents with only a scratch. Which is why everyone should carry some peppermint schnapps et hot choc around with them at all times. Esp in the cold! :slight_smile:

I wish I [B][U]could[/U][/B] get up when I fall (frequently). I have a muscle disease (sorta like MD) and when I fall, I’m down until the EMS gets here to get me up off the floor. Talk about embarassment. My husband (who’s even older than I) would rather try to get me off the floor than have to have a firetruck and ambulance sitting in the driveway with the lights flashing and the neighbors looking out the windows.

Yeah, as one ages it definitely gets tougher.

:roflhard: I love that! :wink:

The last time I fell on the ice (and my parents were giving me crap for it… I was late to class taking a shortcut down a hill that had melted and refrozen since my previous class!) about three people fell. I almost wished I had gotten hurt so that I would get sympathy rather than giggles.
Fortunately it apparently looked much more painful than it was, so I got sympathy anyway. :smiley: