Oh, Noro Kureyon!

[COLOR=black]Today I purchased my first skein of Noro Kureyon. Now, I’ve heard a lot about it online, and how Noro has the most amazing colorways. Well I’d seen pictures online, and to be honest, I wasn’t that impressed. I mean, the colors were [I][FONT=Verdana]pretty,[/FONT][/I] but I definitely wasn’t beside myself with yarn desire. But today I was at the LYS looking for a little bit of yarn to do a Fair Isle project (because I learned how to do Fair Isle yesterday and it’s just.so.cool.), and as I looked at the Noro I remembered a pattern for a Fair Isle hat that required one skein of Noro Kureyon. As I looked at the Kureyon, my eyes were amazed to gaze upon the most gloriously colored yarn they had ever beheld. I fell in love right then and there.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Well I’m halfway done with this hat because I just don’t want to put the yarn down! The colors are rich and glorious, far more beautiful than any yarn I’ve ever worked with. Ever. If any of you haven’t tried it, you definitely need to. And those who have tried it… isn’t it great!!![/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]I love Noro Kureyon. That’s just all there is to it.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]And here’s my hat thus far: http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w184/RedheadRachel/Knitting007.jpg[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]What do you think? :D[/COLOR]

:heart:i love it too! and your hat is so pretty:inlove:which color number is that?

Ohhhhhh…I Love that hat!! I honestly have never worked with Noro but definitely willing to try it. Do you mind telling me where you got the pattern? Did you purchase it or find it free online? I would love to make one!! Ohhhh, You could start a new knit along!!!

Color #153
And thanks for the positive feedback :smiley:

I found the pattern here: http://www.magknits.com/Nov06/patterns/fakeisle.htm

It’s called Fake Isle because the Kureyon’s self-striping makes it reminiscent of the more complex Fair Isles that end up using a billion different background colors, but it does still use the Fair Isle technique for the dark parts.

And I’ve never started a Knit-along, but I think it would be fun. And this really DOES make a great first Fair Isle project. Hmm… :smiley:

Thank you for that link! Guess what I am going to get at my LYS tomorrow…LOL!! I think you should start that KAL!!! I will join!!

What a great idea; a solid and a varigated!!!

Can’t wait to see the finished product.

I love the hat and have loved that yarn for awhile. I’ve knit a few items with it. The colors are beautiful.:inlove:

I’m going to order the yarn today so I can knit the hat.

Anyone else interested? Maybe we can all “Knit Along”?:cheering:

:heart: oh!!! so pretty!! :psst: love Noro too


That looks great! I think you’ve inspired me to actually try fair isle!

Love, LOVE Noro Kureyon! Just finished my first Booga Bag and I am in awe of the colorways. I can’t wait to get some more and start another project!!!

For all the people who are interested, I’ve started the Knit-along. Come on over and join in :smiley:

That hat looks great. I got 5 skeins of Noro Kureyon to make a Booga, I ordered 4 and they sent 5, sweet. So I may use 4 for the bag, I want to make it a little bigger and use the other and do the hat. Need to finish the knitting for my swap partner first.

That is truly beautiful. I love Noro yarns. I’m currently working with Cash Iroha in a deep teal shade; it’s a very soft yarn and the sweater is coming out super drapey.

Last year, I knitted a cardigan using Noro Transitions and I like looking at it when it’s just lying in a messy pile, see photo.

I’ve got lots of Silk Garden–it didn’t occur to me to use it with Fair Isle. Thanks for the idea!:muah:

Beautiful hat and I love it with the fair isle! Love me some Noro colors!

Oooo. I love the pattern and the colors in your hat are soooooo pretty. Hmm, I do have that extra ball from my booga bag laying around. I might be tempted to try it.

Beautiful Hat!! I love the color you picked. I may join that knitalong too. But I wanted to do the lace one and I am already doing clapotis…hmmmm.

I’ve been looking at that hat pattern, yours looks great! I was just at my LYS today and was in awe over all the Noro they have and the beautiful colours. Will definitely be going back to get some!

[B]I think it is FANTABULOUS![/B] Excellent work!!!

I use NORO a lot. My favorite NORO is Silk Garden. It has the same colorways as Kureyon, but it is not as heavy.

There are many NORO colorways that I love, and many I hate. It is a personal taste issue.

Do not be afraid to “manipulate” the colorways…by cutting out some of one color…and adding it to another siege of the same color…to make the colorway longer. Many NORO knitters never knit NORO straightaway from the skein. For example, I used color 88 several years ago. I did not like how much KELLY GREEN was in the skein. It just seems [B][I]to go on forever.[/I][/B] So, I cut it out of the loop. I did not waste it…I used the KELLY GREEN for the button bands!