Oh no!

i left the room for 2 minutes to order pizza and this is what i came back to. :crying:

Now how did that happen?


Is that the kids’ pattern? Would you like me to scan the insert and e-mail it to you??

JUlie!!! you are a life saver and a Godsend!!! yes that is the kids pattern and i would REALLY appreciate it if you could email me a copy!!! i :heart: u 4-ever!!! carmellpolitte@sbcglobal.net thank you thank you thank you

Yes, I agree, what and how did that happen? :thinking:

Krickett ate it!!! she has taken to eating paper :shock: i don’t know why… i left and came back and she had it chumpin away!!! here she is earlier as i was lookin through the ads in the paper! she fell aspleep with it in her hands… she was so sleepy i put the plug in her mouth and tried to take the paper from her but she wouldn’t let go.

Just when you teach the dog to behave, along comes something else! And you can’t chain her up in the yard, either. :rofling: Can’t stay mad when you look at that face though. :wink:

yeah i know. i told her to stop being cute so i could be mad at her… needless to say she flash the bigole toothless grin at me and melted my :heart:

OMG, Carmell, I know I should be horrified for/with you, but I just CANT.
That pic of her sleeping with a piece of paper wont let me!
:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

i feel your pain

last week, my new puppies (AKA The Assasins) destroyed a brand new skein of Noro Kuryeon

they are lucky to be alive

Too bad no one offers “Yarn Protection Insurance” Im sure ALL of us would buy a policy!!

I know I would!

WEll, it all has worked out since Julie came to the rescue, right?! Because I’m with KK…that’s a precious picture and will be a wonderful story of knitting to tell her as you are teaching her to knit when she’s a bit older and then she will one day pass it down to her daughter when she is teaching her to knit. So, save the pics and the post and you can teach her knitting and the value of friendship in one little life/knitting lesson in the (I’m sorry to say it comes so fast) near future :smiley:

:roflhard: I love that picture of her I know what you mean my kids do something and then follow it up with something so cute or funny its so hard to do time out trying not to LAUGH!! :rofling:

oohhh jelly not the Noro!!! i don’t know its easier to be mad a dog!

well, Julie hasn’t been back online since the post, but i know when she comes back she email it to me! i’ll just do all that i can til she does. i have 2 pair so its not like i can’t get mostly done on the other pair too!!!

DH says i’m too soft on all the kids. i guess i would rather laugh at them then punish them. i do let them get away with murder.

i most def will save them. hopefully all of them will want to learn something that i do. when i was young my mom tried to teach me and i wouldn’t give her the time of day… like Julie i kick myself because i didn’t want to learn back then.

Those sweet little babies. Got to love them. You sure can’t get mad at them. I love the picture. I thought most babies ate paper. My granddaugter preferred the ads from the Sunday paper the best.

whew i thought it was just my kids!

yikes Carmell sorry that happened to you :shock: :doh: !

but she’s such a sweetie - I love your stories and pics!!!

'kay Carmell…I just sent it to you! :smiley:

Eating paper? Sounds like she needs some extra fiber in her diet! :rofling: