Oh no they didn't

I just tried to get on YouTube at work and it’s BANNED!!! :wall:

This is a recent thing!! I was always one of the lucky ones that had access at work, but no more. Both YouTube and GoogleVideo are now both dead to me… :waah:

I guess i better be careful or they might catch on about my addiction with KH. :teehee:

yep, They have a filter on our computers at my work too. I can’t got to ebay (just to look) or other sites either~ :??

I think they have had problems with this in the past~! :pout:

we can’t go to ebay.com, but we can go to ebay.ca.

so you just change the .com to .ca a everything magically appears!

YouTube is blocked. :pout:

Myspace is blocked. :pout:

Facebook is blocked. :pout:

youtube is blocked, which I understand, but just recently I’ve not been able to access KH at work. It doesn’t seem to be blocked (ie I don’t get the FORBIDDEN message) but it just goes to the unable to find screen like it doesn’t exist. Anyone else have this problem? I’m suffering withdrawls.