Oh No! Sweater too short

So, I’m seaming my sweater together tonight. I have both sleeves seamed on, the front is attached to the back, and that’s all going good… Until I notice it looks a little short… And then I put it on, and discover that it is WAY too short. :doh:
Please tell me there’s a way to fix this without tearing the whole thing apart. :pout:

You can insert a needle a few rows above your cast on edge, cut, and re-knit to the necessary length. It sounds kind of intimidating, but it’s not too bad. Heres a tutorial: http://knittypants.blogspot.com/2006/02/lenthening-sweater.html

[COLOR=“Blue”]Thanks! That is a very valu[COLOR=“RoyalBlue”]a[/COLOR]ble bit of information:thumbsup: [/COLOR]

Depending on the bottom edge, you could also pick up stitches and add ribbing, if it isn’t there, already.

Thanks you guys for replying! I will have to have a look at md21’s link later and give that a go… I would do the pick up stitches thing, but there is already 2.5" of ribbing at the bottom… So I think I’ll cut just above the ribbing and work from there…

Wow, there seems to be a fix for almost anything. But when i saw the word cut, I gasped.
Great link, information is a saver.

It is intimidating at first, but is a great fix. Have had to do it on more than one occassion. :knitting: