Oh, no! Ripping back lace-type fabric?

I’m in desperate need of some help ripping back a pattern that has some lace-type work. I’m pretty inexperienced when it comes to any kind of ripping back, let alone when it comes to the YOs and such.

This is the pattern I’m trying to work: http://www.mosaicyarnstudio.com/pdf/DiamondLeafCowl.pdf

I made the mistake of trying to work it at a time when my concentration was not great. Got off count somewhere and need to rip back a couple rows. Every other row is straight knit, so I’m hoping to rip to one of those rows but I’m concerned I won’t pick it back up right. I tried ripping back to the last knit row but I just got the stitches back onto the needles however I could so there are some that are twisted and some that are not. Can’t tell what’s what with the YOs, etc. It was a lot of work to get as far as I did for a beginner like me so I hate to have to rip it ALL out :frog: Is there anything I can do to make it easier?? Any tips for figuring out how to rip back such a patter? ANYTHING!! I’m on a time crunch to get this done for a gift.

You say you got the knit row back on the needles but some of the stitches are twisted. You can untwist them when you come to them. On those plain knit rows you can inset a lifeline.
How to Use a Lifeline for Lace Knitting
I used the lifeline to allow me to ravel only a small part of my waterfall lace I was working on to correct a mistake several rows back so it’s good even if you don’t have to frog. I used 2 and moved the bottom one up each time I started a row repeat.
I hope you can get it back on track. Best of luck to you.

May I also suggest stitch markers? You can use them every few repeats. If the stitches don’t add up at the end of the stitch marker, you go back and figure out your mistake right then and t here.
I use them often on patterns that require my undivided attention. Stitch markers have saved me many many times.

Good luck!

If it’s a single row back, I undo the knitting stitch-by-stitch or tink back to the mistake. If the mistake is several rows back I use a method like this one from the Fixing Mistakes section of Free Videos.
Your lace looks beautiful. Even the photo is lovely.

Well, I ended up taking it to my local yarn shop and begging for help but I was told it was best to just rip it out and start over. Bummer! Thanks for trying, though. Am using a lifeline this time, so at least I’ve got the backup now :slight_smile: