Oh no! My pocketbook is going to be hurting now!

Ds & I went to the library this afternoon & I found an awesome book about hand knitted rugs. Every type you can imagine including a Fair Isle one that is done in the round with “built in” fringe! :inlove: :inlove:

After looking it over in depth, I’ve already picked 2 that I just have to make for my rugless house. And I just ordered a ton of yarn today. Thank goodness we get paid next week. :wink:

:happydance: :happydance:

Which book is it?

It’s The Knitted Rug: 21 Fantastic Designs by Donna Druchunas.

I am trying to find the yarn she used for that Fair Isle one, but I can’t seem to locate it. :frowning:

I have this book! I haven’t looked at it for a while. Are you looking at the one with the diamonds? That’s beautiful. Super bulky rug wool? I wonder what’s different about rug wool? :thinking: I’d think any super bulky wool would work.

I found these super bulky yarns at Yarndex.

Sounds like fun!!! I’ve never knit a rug before, I bet it will be beautiful :smiley:

What’s the yarn?

You’re going to knit a rug?? :shock: :shock:

That sounds totally ambitious! I think I could do one for a doll house!!


The yarn for these is very bulky. I’d think they’d knit up fast.

Halcyon Rug Wool is what she used for the Fair Isle one.

Can I put in my order for a 9x12? :lol:

Ah! Well, it says it’s 3 ply - I don’t think many super bulkies are 3 ply, but I haven’t investigated this. Also, the wool could be a particularly sturdy one, and not say, a fine delicate merino. They do have a lot of color choices too.

I did a quick look-see at Yarndex - all the super-bulkies look way too soft and delicate.

Inches? Sure!

I just read the directions on the Fair Isle in the round rug. So clever!!

YES! That’s the Fair Isle one. It would be over $100 for it, though. :shock: I might have to wait a few more paydays for that.

I posted wrong earlier. The one I couldn’t find the yarn for is the patchwork one on the front cover. She used Artful Yarns’ Dance and said it’s 100% cotton. I finally found Dance, but it says it’s not the same fiber she says. (Boy that sentance looks confusing lol). I don’t know if I should attempt it with the Dance or not.

The other rug I want to make is the loopy bath mat. It only calls for 5 skeins of Lion Cotton and I think I might do it in Grape.